Still thinking about the fact that my mic was unplugged for raid last night and I went for two hours talking to dead air with nobody (not I, not the other seven people) noticing.

too overwhelmed with things, wrote a to-do list to pare down priorities to only the stuff that needs done shortly

now I'm staring at a two page to-do list and wondering how to do this in only 80 hours a week...

still slightly salty about the FFXIV Shadowbringers adjustments for healers; and I'm only a WHM, I feel worse for SCH mains


Y'know when you cut yourself and instinctively shake your hand? That's a bad idea sometimes. Really bad idea.

Hah, while going over the various servers as part of subsuming yet another department, we found half of the servers running seti@home. It's so perfectly in keeping with the departing sysadmin.

I finally gave in and printed a copy of the ASCII table for quick reference. Too many "what is $15 again?" moments in the last few weeks.

Raid group finally cleared o11s tonight; healing them through it certainly was an adventure.

I just saw Blackpink performing on Good Morning America this morning, and I think my day is totally WTF as a result.

KPop idols? On major US TV? Huh!

Today is a day of "The Advantages of Using Razor Blades as Spudgers, and Other Fine Ideas with No Drawbacks Whatsoever".

FFXIV (+) 

Been working on o10s since October and tonight was finally the night where we got a clear. With enrage casting and picking off people one by one, and only two party members left standing when the DOTs finally ticked enough to finish, but it's a clear...

Merry Christmas! May the blessing of the corn follow you through the year and bring you peace.

I finally cleared floor 100 of the randomized Heaven-on-High dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV with a couple three FC friends! It feels good to finally succeed and not wipe at 96 or 97 like my first two attempts.

Still need all 200 floors of Palace of the Dead, though...

Well, those peppermint brownies were a complete and absolute bust.

At least I got a triple comm when I ran Expert roulette as a white mage this morning? Not even a double comm in months, so being appreciated as the max pull friendly, Holy-spamming healer that I am was nice.

In happy news, I finished Swordheart by Ursula Vernon and it was so so so good. I love her writing and characters and the whole Clockwork Boys universe in general (and gnoles! especially gnoles!).

It was brought to my attention that I've been in my current job for long enough that my business cards from initial hiring are completely incorrect. Title changed, address and room # changed, fax machine gone, phone number changed, logo changed (twice!); only my name and email remain correct.

But I bet it's still not enough to justify replacement ^^;

I'm on the docket to provide a dessert on Friday and another one next Wednesday for work. What to make... apple cake, pineapple cake, peppermint cake, brownies, or something else?

Well, waking up at 5am and working remotely doesn't technically count as going in, so I'll call it a draw.

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I'm going to do it! I will sleep early tonight, and *not* go to work tomorrow! Sure, it's been weeks since I did that, but I have faith I can pull it off.

CC'd on an email complaining about my service:
"not being able to get a hold of an actual person is very frustrating and very unprofessional"

Yay, I'm really *not* a person! I suspected all these years, but it's so good to have it confirmed.

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