This game is a bit addictive and it's kinda sad whenever humanity goes extinct. But such a warm fuzzy feeling when the colonists end up weird but happy.

Oof, branding is tricky. Pretty pleased with how this came out, but definitely not my forte. The H mark is really flexible and seems like it'll work well on social media.

The Expanse TV series is finally getting past the “need to put everyone in the right spots” moments, but its staggered mapping of books-to-seasons is odd. It makes the arcs feel incomplete or flat.

I find myself using `color: rebeccapurple` every so often. It’s an amazing bit of humanity in an otherwise sterile-feeling specification:

Actually it was the exact musical I would have expected from the creator of Orgazmo and South Park.

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The Book of Mormon review: pretty good and very well executed, but didn’t quite live up to the hype. It relied a little too much on lazy caricatures and being irreverent. Also, the music didn’t stick with me at all. I instead left the theater with South Park the Musical songs in my head.

The acting all around is excellent, especially the principles and the children. 

I genuinely believed that Shailene, Reese, and Nicole feared for their lives. They communicated so much with only their expressions.

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Big Little Lies is amazingly well crafted. And for a murder mystery does a great job of teasing, instead of blatant and contrived misdirections.

I completely forgot I was signed up for 5K next week, so this week turned into crash training. Lesson learned: don't let a running habit stop being a habit.


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