gonna head 2 venice beach and dip my mouth in the water

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online it says to rinse with salt water but where do you get salt water. i mean obviously i can just pour some salt in a glass of water . ok

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i've got a kanker sore and i'm not happy about it!!!

@linge said it before going but i ended up having a nice time

my promise is that i will follow nobody back on here. if i'm already following you i apologize and i'll go back and remove myself

i'm so upset at myself for agreeing to go on a date today

one thing i will say about spending time on mastodon is that every time you pop back in to twitter, all the annoying flaws you got slowly desensitized to over the years are suddenly loud and clear to you again

one time after finishing up work on a particularly taxing pilot, my boss bought me a subscription or whatever to that Aaron Sorkin Masterclass as a thank you

@Abacus32 oh thanks! i feel confident i can learn everything but i think the real exhaustion is just coming from the feeling of taking on yet another social media

i haven't found enough of my friends on here to give a damn about this site yet but i agree it's refreshing to be free of all of twitters sins

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