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Hey human, how’s it going? Just having breakfast. Thanks for watering these shrubs.

I just found out the cafeteria at work does breakfast burritos rip calorie budget

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OH: “You know, RAID. redundant array of inexpensive developers.”

the wow expansion is out and I'm just sitting here at work

I have $400 worth of comic trade paperbacks on my wish list send help

apple music: check out this new lit album
me: oh snap, I remember lit
apple music: it's country music tho
me: ...

Many a mastodon primer floating around the last few days. They all try to explain local and federated feeds as top level concepts.

I think they are confusing and of little value, especially to newbies. unpopularopinionpuffin.jpg

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I've been reporting any issue I see with Apple Maps in the iOS 12 betas, and believe it or not, Apple has actually been fixing all of them. Street layouts, misaligned buildings, incorrect hours - Apple actually fixes this stuff.
If you're a Maps user, and there's some little inconsistency that's been bothering you: take a few minutes out to actually report the issue!

Does legends of tomorrow ever get good or does it stay awful?

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