With friends like friends who say you have no friends because you drive away your friends, who needs friends who are driven away by their friends because their friends have no friends because they drive away their friends?

Best breakfast: a bottle of beer and a 100% daily value all-natural organic vegan multivitamin

I've just created animalliberation.social, a Mastodon hub for animal rights activists.

If there's been any point of conflict in my relationship, it's that she doesn't press "cancel" after using the microwave so I always think it's the wrong time.

@coolstar what have you done Linux kernel development for? I've always been really interested but not sure where to start. I'm interested in buying new hardware, usually USB or Bluetooth devices (like game controllers or remote controls) and making them work on Linux.

Does anyone on know what I'm doing wrong? Static files aren't working. I got the Docker image to build and used docker-compose to get it up and running, but CSS, JS, and images don't load. Aside from SSL this is my last hurdle.

"People don't even know what alpha means." - Wolfie Blackheart

What happens if every GNU Social site uses bots that mirror the exact same Twitter accounts and people all follow different ones? Would the network explode with redundancy? The concept is kind of funny to me. On a side note, I wonder if anyone has tried breaking the network with spam. I guess that's why individual sites don't automatically display everything from every feed.

How do servers on a federated network like GNU Social find each-other? This seems like an impossible task without dedicated caching servers similar to DNS, so it looks like magic to me.

Is it against any license or agreement to mirror public Twitter posts? I see no reason not to take the top 100 Twitter users or so and mirror their content to a GNU Social server we can access. Can 140 characters of text even be copyrighted?

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