Does anyone on know what I'm doing wrong? Static files aren't working. I got the Docker image to build and used docker-compose to get it up and running, but CSS, JS, and images don't load. Aside from SSL this is my last hurdle.

@alexgleason i believe there were folks in the irc who worked out their docker issues earlier - perhaps i could just paste a big log at you. (bear in mind i might also have just not paid attention to the question)

@alexgleason now i'm having difficulty just getting a full log into the clipboard because is only taking in a page :S this is a little frustrating

@Triplefox Is there a better way I can view it? I'm happy to make the effort if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

@alexgleason I'm asking around to see if someone else can produce a log or if riot has a way to do it. if nothing else you could try asking on the irc yourself, it's on channel mastodon

@alexgleason it may be relying on nginx (or another reverse proxy) to serve the public folder. Do you have that set up?

@Fugitest I was thinking about that, but I'm using docker-compose which I expected would take care of that, but maybe not? I'll look into this, thanks!

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