@Gargron I think there is an opportunity for activist groups like BLM, animal rights groups, and any others who are silenced by mainstream platforms to host their own instances. I'm silently working on the animal liberation one in the background; the news ability to see a local timeline is killer and brings so much value. Next is convincing activists why Twitter/Facebook is evil and why their privacy matters.

With friends like friends who say you have no friends because you drive away your friends, who needs friends who are driven away by their friends because their friends have no friends because they drive away their friends?

Best breakfast: a bottle of beer and a 100% daily value all-natural organic vegan multivitamin

I've just created animalliberation.social, a Mastodon hub for animal rights activists.

@Misbiopy I recently had a conversation with someone about why the Jews didn't rebel against the Nazis. There were millions of them, and clearly they had the same intensely strong desire to overthrow their captors. I'm sure many did fight back, but never all at once, so on a day-to-day basis any form of resistance was quickly shut out. It was more safe for them to play it cool and hope they could get through. I'm not comparing the circumstances, but it's a testament to how people may not rise up

If there's been any point of conflict in my relationship, it's that she doesn't press "cancel" after using the microwave so I always think it's the wrong time.

@Fugitest I was thinking about that, but I'm using docker-compose which I expected would take care of that, but maybe not? I'll look into this, thanks!

@coolstar How do you figure out how to interface with IO hardware and convert what you find into software? I feel like that's the main thing blocking me from doing what I want. Any advice appreciated :)

@coolstar what have you done Linux kernel development for? I've always been really interested but not sure where to start. I'm interested in buying new hardware, usually USB or Bluetooth devices (like game controllers or remote controls) and making them work on Linux.

@Triplefox Is there a better way I can view it? I'm happy to make the effort if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

@mushi Definitely the top, but apparently my SO says "at the bottom" so idk.

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