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Me: I just saw a Toot by RMS himself.

Chad: Did he pay someone to make it?

Me: Yeah, but it contains RMS's words and the profile actually claims it's him

Chad: It's like the prophet acting as a scribe for God himself.

"I would kill for a day off to just sleep, even if it comes with a side of misogyny." -MK

Is there an unwritten understanding here that we don't talk about the US presidency? This feels like a refuge from all other forms of social media.

What I do know is that I strongly support personal freedom and human rights, and don't believe being able to serve an exploitative capitalist system to its satisfaction should be a prerequisite of living comfortably or surviving. Having a melange of disabilities also prejudices me against any system that requires me to perform up to an externally-decided standard of labor to maintain my life and livelihood.

a french hug is when you feel a girl's armpits

cut my cake into pieces
this is my last cherry torte
no breathing
don't give a fuck if i kill myself, eating

What do you call it when you can’t decide whether cage-free eggs are better or worse for chickens? Eggnostic.


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