After an embarrassing amount of time I've finally figured out how to get the REPL working with multiple lines in a co-routine!

I've updated the minimal setup with the new stdio.fnl lib.

Updated down sheep based on feedback from the

1. Now you can switch between sheep when the level is fading in

2. Fixed the bug where a level would try to be loaded twice

3. Fixed the bug where the flower icons would not show up when a level was loaded in full screen mode.

Another good suggestion was to enable multiplayer. Where each player controls one sheep!

I may look into love's gamepad capabilities, for some local multiplayer :)

Just found out that love2d had moved from bitbucket to github.

I’ve updated the build scripts in the min love2d fennel setup so that it downloads love from the appropriate source.

Have almost finished reviewing all the submissions.

There is only one entry this year that I'm having an issue getting to run. Eiko

Looks like they are using the Chickadee engine, by @dthompson

A bunch of great submissions for this year's

@selfsame made a bullet hell breakout mashup. Really gets the heart pounding,

@technomancy and @luckystrike created a 3d trip through a hellish future internet. Watch out for the internet coppers, they will cut you in two.

And of course my game, involving puzzles and sheep

My submission for the is done!

Just wrapped up the last few levels.

If I have time tomorrow I will flesh out the editor, to make it more user friendly.

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After listening to it without headphones, I decided to master it differently.

Tropical Attack!

#music #lmms

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One week until the spring #lispgamejam !!!

My goal this year, make something that is actually fun to play 🙄

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A little interior composition I made up this evening.

Still struggling a little with the perspective for natural objects such as trees.

#pixelart #gamedev

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The only issue I'm having is that the screen-cast xdg protocol is not available on the version of gnome compiled for Ubuntu 19.10 🤦‍♂️

This makes screencasting your whole desktop via obs a real pain / have not figured out a work around yet.

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Switched from X11 to Wayland on my 13" laptop. Fractional scaling actually works!

This . is . life changing

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@mdszy programmers who brag about being good at programming are the ones you should be suspicious of. like even I, a raging egomaniac who has overcome impostor syndrome, don't think I'm good at programming. what I'm good at is making it so that when a programmer accidentally programs good it is more likely to stick around than when they program bad

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