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ho ho ho merry lispmas!

*I shower you with parens. just a shitload of em. you fall over underneath their weight*

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A few years ago, I had a great idea for a game. But it was too ambitious, and I never got anywhere. The other day in the shower, I figured out a way to test the idea - but with a much smaller, more limited game. I think I can do it this time, with the scope I set. It will still have all the mechanics the full game will eventually have, but a smaller scope, a shorter story allows me to explore whether the idea even works.

I'll most likely use #Fennel and #Löve.

Promotion targeted at children should be illegal.

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I bet npr thought sending you to a plain text site upon decline would incentivise you to accept cookies, but hell yeah I like the speed and readability of plain text sites.

They thusly do #not belong in the #GDPRHallOfShame


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why are the intro modals on masto not called the « tootorial » come on

ake your holidays people!

"In effect, many Americans spend part of the year working for nothing, donating the equivalent of $561 on average to their firms."

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And now with sigmoid interpolation between two colours. Next step multi stop interp.

This is what it was supposed to look like...

While working on generating tileable grass textures using simplex noise I created this monstrosity. The variance of the hue had a slightly larger impact than expected.

Playing around with simplex noise in love2d using . Here is my first take at generating islands based on moisture and elevation, where elevation is dependent on the distance of the tile from the center of the map. The tiles are from the LPC collection.

Looking at the new EU copyright measures and thinking, would the world be better off without Facebook and YouTube?

Not sure how it will effect however.

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I'm suffering from that feeling you get when you go to drink your coffee and there is nothing left!

The key to success in life is a good copyrighter. I have yet to find one.


I've converted that stream of posts I sent out yesterday, in response to your questions concerning @Gargron 's dream for a widely adopted , into a more readable format.

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