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with jumping OililiA i'llll let you I ITILuuu III okoiikom i i oliil

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I'm glad I tried out ivy, it doesn't look much at first but it's actually pretty handy. #emacs
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stellaris is a game where you play an immortal logistical accountant who secretly governs an interstellar empire

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> life goes on
> that's what scares me so

Queens of the Stone Age - "Villains of Circumstance" #NowPlaying

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just spent two hours in jwz's pizza place writing the story for my #lispgamejam entry in #emacs as tradition dictates

Lisp Game Jam submission at midnight EST!

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@alexjgriffith @amastodonuser but installing on a windows machine at least making using windows* less painful.

*for the few times I have to use windows.

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Must stop trying to use #Emacs key bindings whilst in MS Word.

8 days left to submit your game for the lisp game jam.

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I just discovered that someone wrote a major mode for . I am not quite sure how to respond to this sadistic yet genious piece of software. Any last speck of productivity having survived off of the added hassle of opening a browser is now grave danger. Future prospects are looking dire...

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and the content warning toggle.

It has to be mentioned that one can also use sane navigation via tab and shift tab - no need to remember obscure key bindings. 😉

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When you're used to navigating mastodon in and you end up with all these js and ks everywhere when you use the webapp.

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I encourage you all to use hashtags. It's not a big deal to put a # in front of some words and it really helps to make content discoverable for idiots like me

For those who like their bindings in , in the latest development version of mastodon.el you can now navigate between key points using `h` and `l`.

Thanks to @h_d for implementing this new navigation format.

Key points include hashtags, user handles, and links.

Testing out the new profiles for mastodon in . Just a few more bugs to squash.

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1) Sometimes you have two of that chair, sometimes you don't

2) People passing by your home point at it and say to each other "That's where that shape-shifter lives."

3) You've told yourself, to your own face, that you're imagining things and there's no shape-shifter in your home

4) Mail arrives addressed to RESIDENT SHAPE-SHIFTER

5) (trick question) You've been able to change your own shape the whole time

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Features in the upcoming release of mastodon.el are game changers.

Happy thought of the day.

There are nearly three times as many Kangaroos as there are Australians.