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The big mastodon.el refactor is in develop. Big shoutouts to @alexjgriffith and @h_d for all of their hard work. Expect v0.7.0 by the end of today.

This big bottleneck should allow us to add notifications, favourites, and profiles rather quickly.

Alex boosted is awesome but the client uses Google Analytics.

If you are using the web client opt for

I've opened an issue for the #Android client on F-Droid's repo:

For desktop client, best check your distribution; ArchLinux's AUR package patches it for example (it's how I found out).

#matrix #riot #privacy

Namespaces, how I missed you!

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The mastodon.el v0.6.3 release has been tagged and pushed. It should be available on MELPA-stable in ~2 hours.

I think I've overdone my exposure for the week. Starting to have nightmares where the antagonist is always insisting that what I am trying to insert is not a string and that my mode-line looks aweful.

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I'm rewatching the Harry Potter movies and here's a couple thoughts:

Nerdwriter is right, Prisoner of Azkaban is the best of the movies

Harry James Evans-Verres Potter is a better character than Harry Potter, canon Harry is pretty dumb and hard to watch. Also, wtf is Hermione doing in Gryffindor. What's the reason for Ravenclaw house to exist if Hermione is not in it?

One of the reasons I like HPMOR more than canon is because the characters' awesomeness potential is actually used

@NicolasPetton for your next blog post can you detail how you made your mode-line look awesome?

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Kinda tempts me to try emacs... Especially with all the work @johnson has been doing with the emacs mastodon client...

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Internal fixes, improved rendering and image display. We're now showing multiple images per toot. A few other small fixes. They're in master now.

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Signs you have been working in lisp too much recently, and how it messes up your work in other languages.

1. You are reflexivly putting parens before your function calls

2. You have forgoten how infix notation works

3. Woaah what is this, lexical binding! How I missed you.

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From the beloved category of "Things I kinda knew but didn't really think about it":
Erlang Strings are lists of integer encoded chars. So "hello, " ++ "world" => "hello, world" (same as string:concat/2)
But what happens when the second argument is an atom (think Symbols in Ruby)?
"hello, " ++ world => [104,101,108,108,111,44,32|world]

To convert all elements to their textual representation when concatenating use lists:concat/1:
lists:concat(["hello, ", world]) => "hello, world"

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The refactor work for mastodon.el has begun. Macros are incredibly powerful things, and now I try to wrap my head around metaprogramming design.