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and the content warning toggle.

It has to be mentioned that one can also use sane navigation via tab and shift tab - no need to remember obscure key bindings. 😉

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When you're used to navigating mastodon in and you end up with all these js and ks everywhere when you use the webapp.

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I encourage you all to use hashtags. It's not a big deal to put a # in front of some words and it really helps to make content discoverable for idiots like me

For those who like their bindings in , in the latest development version of mastodon.el you can now navigate between key points using `h` and `l`.

Thanks to @h_d for implementing this new navigation format.

Key points include hashtags, user handles, and links.

Testing out the new profiles for mastodon in . Just a few more bugs to squash.

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1) Sometimes you have two of that chair, sometimes you don't

2) People passing by your home point at it and say to each other "That's where that shape-shifter lives."

3) You've told yourself, to your own face, that you're imagining things and there's no shape-shifter in your home

4) Mail arrives addressed to RESIDENT SHAPE-SHIFTER

5) (trick question) You've been able to change your own shape the whole time

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Features in the upcoming release of mastodon.el are game changers.

Happy thought of the day.

There are nearly three times as many Kangaroos as there are Australians.

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I use mastodon.el in #emacs to toot. It's pretty cool as far as it goes.

Add the following gist to your config to view the current git branch in your eshell command prompt.

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I guess I'm interested in systems where programming and art intersect. Like back when I tried to create a face generator but decided that randomly assembling faces from crude elements I had drawn by hand was the way to go.

You can now browse in safely from work!!

@h_d has implemented content warning folding in mastodon.el.

No more uncomfortable images popping up on your screen while browsing the federated timeline.

Check it out at or install it from melpa

Checking out 26.0.91. The pixel scrolling is amazing!

Some other key updates
- Lisp Threads
- Double buffering
- 'async-shell-command-display-buffer' which will only display a buffer once their is something to show
- Much better line number support
- `M-<RET>` will now open the link at point in a new *eww* buffer
- 'url-retrieve-synchronously' now takes an optional timeout parameter

@johnson @h_d Managed to get three federated streams running concurrently in mastodon.el connected to three hosts. All we need now is the fold them into a single buffer.

Browsing mastodon while keeping an eye on notifications and the streaming federated timeline. All done in .

Check out by @johnson

@h_d your async image loading in the streams works like a charm!

In addition to the image loading, the following work out of the box:
1. Navigation within the buffer
2. Viewing threads
3. Replying to toots
4. Favouriting

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Hey, I don't usually do this, but Bell is trying to push a website-blocking system here in Canada. If you value internet freedom in Canada, please send the CRTC a comment through this site. It's pre-filled for your convenience!