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Alex @alexjgriffith

@mattcropp it just increases the value of messages you do come across

@SergioCastell96 Now that brings back memories of my childhood

One of the best things #mastodon has done for me is introduce me to the band Mastodon.

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@chrismartin I guess the best we could do is take the top few instances as a sample and extrapolate.

@bgcarlisle @hisham_hm or even have the ability to have an account shared / backed up between one or more instances.

@marko @chrismartin It would be interesting to know the number of daily active users based on both toots and those that access the site

@NicolasPetton I'd really like to see a technical peice comparing `company` and `autocomplete`

@acw Montreal is amazing! So many street festivals and lax open liquor laws.

@johnson Awesome! Can't wait to try it out.

@johnson working on sending CWs?

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mastodon.el v0.6.0 was just pushed to GitHub. It includes media in timelines thanks to the great work by @alexjgriffith!

The MELPA recipe has been merged and the next build should make mastodon.el available via `package-install'. ETA is ~2 hours.


@johnson I may have found out why the columns weren't lining up. Looks like some sneaky tabs found their way into my code.

#emacs is letting me down

Apart from the #gnutls error 12 on Ubuntu 14.04 server, inline images seam to be working pretty well for #mastodon in #emacs.

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@johnson My pleasure, we all win with more functionality!

Hopefully post 1.0 we'll be able to do everything from the #emacs client.

@johnson congrats on submitting to MELPA before #woollyweek

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We're MELPA bound!

mastodon.el has a PR on the MELPA repository and should be available via package-install soon.

v0.5.4 is out with some metadata, docstring, and compilation fixes needed for the MELPA push.


@zuphzuph trying to find out what gnutls error 12 really means

@johnson I really like how it automatically calls for more toots when you reach the bottom of the list!

@saper @johnson hope it helps!

The commit should also let you see emojis if you install the emojify package.