I've got the tile editor working for Welcome Home SunSun. Now time for some AI!

FIY for those participating in the , starting this Friday, check out love2d and fennel. The minimal love2d fennel game skeleton is up to date with fennel 0.3.0, thanks to @technomancy


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@dansup the docs are on point. Are there recommended specs for hosting a server for 40-100 users?

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Okay @Gargron, I'm loving the new one column mode!

It's one of those things I had no idea I needed until it was there.

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emacs religion 

Does anyone have any experience setting up DTLS for a client application?

Managed to get flutter up and running with emacs along with the dart LSP

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TIL: provides pseudo devices for TCP and UDP connections:

echo "hello" > /dev/udp/


exec 5<>/dev/tcp/www.google.com/80
echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.0\n" >&5
cat <&5

I'm baffled how I've never discovered that until today.

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Only on mastodon are you truly safe from bad actors

Really, we managed to get rid of Wil Wheaton AND William Shatner! No bad actors here

Trying out Tiny, a tiny (~700LOC) ces engine for lua by @bakpakin

The example is working great in


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