Would you rather a system where:

➡ most things just work, but you can never fix the few things that don’t, and they bother you endlessly
➡ you can fix anything perfectly, and everyone benefits from your changes, but you will never have the mental energy to fix half of the issues

Ok, so what are the Koroks hiding behind those masks? Is it because their true face would be too terrible for a mortal to look upon?

So it turns out that you *don't* actually need a special machine to juice your burritos? 🌯

I think this might be worth some sort of mini-celebration. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

"the MP3 technology became patent-free in the United States on 16 April 2017 when U.S. Patent 6,009,399, ...administered by Technicolor, expired"

me: maybe ice cream for dinner

still me: yes good idea

still still me: okay excellent good job everyone nice discourse here

Important question for new startups: how will this idea help dismantle capitalism?

All I really want in life is abolition of land ownership. Is that too much to ask?

@Mxdarkwater 😀 need to ask around for a good piercing spot in Seattle

Sort of wish that I could get my ears pierced at the doctor's – they're currently the only people I trust to make holes in me :P 👂

Still not 100% sure the best way to share content from 🐦 but screenshot + link seems appropriate?

So what did we do last time to bring about world peace? Do I need to wear flowers in my hair? Because I will wear the shit out of some flowers regardless of whether that will help 😉


all ur favs are there! daisy, hot finn, finn's hot BF, hot balldroid, hot splosion sounds!



I wonder if we could ban munitions over a certain size.

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