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My cat wakes me up every morning by stepping on my hair, and when I'm napping he tries to groom it. Saw him with a bottle of hair dye today and I'm excited to see what he comes up with :wink:

I suppose I could create a private :bird: account, connect to that on my switch, and have a script that checks and posts those to Mastodon. Could even add some syntax for CW meta. Only downside is the 140 character limit.

So how long do I need to wait for the Nintendo Switch share feature to have a Mastodon option? :wink:


Just discovered this interesting new pasta alternative where you spiralize a semolina dough and then boil it. Apparently it's quite healthy!

Hmm, not sure if that last boost went through, but about concern for the accessibility of animated GIFs (seizures etc.) - we should probably have a setting in the client to disable them. Wonder if something like this would work -

(although the performance of drawing to canvas for profile pictures might be bad?)

Wow, just beat breath of the wild! By which I mean I finally got the girl clothes. Which is basically 100%, right?


Welp, that pretty much ruins my plan of always flying on United but in extremely colorful leggings.

currently using my left hand typing this. i do not dare to move my right arm...

If anyone isn't familiar with that theory btw, looks like the first place to talk about it being a UI playground was here in 2009 (remember Adobe Air?)

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:bird: something is wrong and Twitter should do something to fix it

:elephant: something is wrong and oh I guess we need to work through this complex problem and come up with a solution as a community that works for us and if other people prefer something different they can do that too

Folks used to say Twitter was a great UI playground for people building clients. Seems like Mastodon will end up being a great dev ops playground for people running servers.

BoTW Zora spoiler 

TFW you thought Link was into Zelda but find out there's a very special fish in their life :fish:

If you send me a "we're shutting down" email, please remind me what your service was for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Between non-descriptive startup names and the number of apps I try one time, it's frustrating (especially when the site has been taken down for an "our incredible journey")

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