Many animals like deer and rams have competitive males who headbutt each other with horns or antlers to seek dominance. Usually the horns are blunt-ended or curved backwards. One would think it would be more effective if the horns were pointed forward--then a male could eliminate its competition completely. However, for herd animals, it is actually not beneficial for the male population to be cut in half every year.

This is why there are no unicorns, because they go extinct very quickly

@alexlaw *wipes a single diamond glaced rainbow coloured tear*

@Robin iirc they're not really herd animals, they're more solitary, so there's no evolutionary pressure for group fitness. So they do injure each other with their horns and sometimes it's fatal. Also after the males are done headbutting each other, the female will charge/headbutt at the winning male, and sometimes she'll kill/injure him too (but usually not). Nature does not like male rhinos.

@alexlaw Well, technically, unicorns with the horn curved backwards would still have good chances for survival.
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