@alexlaw yup :blobcattilt:

I want to see a show where they "defeat" the villain by offering love and friendship. And they unironically accept.

GunXSword spoiler 

@alexlaw come to think of it, this did happen! In GunXSword, there's a team of old discarded heroes called the El-Dorado 5. In their first appearance a rampaging scientist was trashing the town in a giant mecha to avenge how everyone in town kept making fun of him.

They defeated him - and then offered their friendship! Tho it meant helping to fix up the town he smashed.

He even showed up to help them later in the show :blobcat:

GunXSword spoiler 

"Defeat means friendship" is a common trope in anime.

Examples: Saint Seiya, Initial D.

GunXSword spoiler 

Isn't that a certain magical lyrical yes-she's-a-lesbian lady's bread and butter?
@polychrome @alexlaw

This is something I'm trying to do in my novel. It's really hard, because the villain is truly evil. But it's something that needs to be explored more in stories, I think.

The lack of love really messes human beings up. What do they become? What do the rest of us become in response?

I'm thinking of writing a novel (I got a lot of the plot figured out already) where not only the villain turns out to have good reasons; he actually CONVERTS the hero! :blobcatsurprised:

(Spoiler: it turns out that the hero was living in a dystopia and never realized it)

@polychrome @alexlaw

@polychrome @alexlaw Propably happened in My Little Pony at some point. Or many points. 8)

That is one of the things I liked about adventure time. It wasn't perfect but they often tried to empathize with and befriend the antagonists. CIP Ice King


I still think one of the best super hero movies was Megamind. The supposed hero gives up and the villain is forced to make a choice to either continue being bad or to fight the evil he created. One of the best redemption stories in cartoon form I have seen.

@alexlaw this is why one of my favorite tropes is Defeat Means Friendship

@InspectorCaracal @alexlaw it's part of what's nifty about Nanoha. Sure gaining magic let's her zap people but what she really wants is for them to talk and say what's wrong. Heck, it's a meme, there's a picture out there showing her former enemies and the level of magic stun beam spam she hit them with before they would stop fighting and talk (although bleep Quatro *glares in the general direction of Combat Cyborg IV)

@InspectorCaracal @alexlaw and a big moment in Nanoha A's comes when a furious Vita (don't disintegrate her bunny hat, just don't, weeks later she's still angry) blows up the corner of the roof Nanoha is standing on only to see her walk ominously out of the flames. Leaving a despairing Vita calling her a demon for shrugging of that attack.
"You call me a demon? So be it, I'll simply have to use my demonic powers until you're willing to listen to me and talk."

@alexlaw Cucumber Quest is a webcomic that seems to be addressing this kind of thing, actually (among many other tropes). I'd check it out if you haven't already (it's really good).

@Aicaya @alexlaw I finished CQ this week too! There's just SO many cross-ships, and a villian that wants to stop being a villian but is stuck in a rut. I wish the protagonist pulls him over it in the second-to-last chapter ;)

@alexlaw I wus gwing to post this from Twitter. I didn't know you had an account here.

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