Was not planning on seeing Captain Marvel, but a friend asked so I went, and it was better than i thought it would be. The whole discussion surrounding it has been "It's okay for female-led movies to just be okay" so I went in with low expectations, but it's genuinely entertaining???

It also did most of the things I've been wanting in a female cape movie (not really spoilers in a plot sense, but just in case) 

I don't think wonder woman can ever do that (i mean, not her origin story anyway) since her whole deal is that she came from an island of women, she's "the woman hero" in a franchise where the most memorable/recognizable female characters are villains or sidekicks (eg Harley, Catwoman, Supergirl, etc).


I also want this kinda treatment with POC and queer characters. I know there are feminist arguments about "erasing one's identity" or some shit but come ON, no white dude hero ever reflects on being white or male, so fuckin thank you, Captain Marvel movie.

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