ok so I'm doing a "finish one comic page, watch one marvel movie" method to try and get this damn comic done without my procrastination getting out of hand.

Spiderman homecoming: surprisingly better than I thought it would be. not as good as spiderverse, but what can possibly measure against goddamn spiderverse?

Avengers Infinity War: If thanos could bend reality surely he didn't really need to fight the avengers for as long as he did before getting the final stone?

@alexlaw "Universe-shaping power that people only ever use a tiny fraction of" is the most annoying part of superhero stories

I'd love a wave of stories about people with really small-scale, niche powers with clearly-defined limitations that they have to Munchkin the hell out of


@cryptovexillologist I love One Piece because most of their characters abilities are like that!

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