I just want to see a girl save a cute boy and fall in love, presented in earnest and not just as a joke or an idea

I don't care about a "strong woman who needs no man," i think girls should be able to indulge in this kind of sexual/power fantasy rather than be expected to rise beyond it

I think we don't see it not because we don't want a girl to save someone but because we're afraid to see boys in feminine positions complete with all the trappings of the role

@alexlaw I'm watching Moorim School, a Korean drama on Netflix which has competent women saving men. The reverse also happens but you can't have everything 😉

@alexlaw such lovely art 💕

"strong women who don't need no man" is a harmful trope anyways, it hurts Black/Brown women especially.

@alexlaw Imma be real with you. Even before I transitioned, I would've loved to have a girl save me like I was a princess.

@alexlaw you should read/watch Spice & Wolf, it makes use of this kind of power (im)balance (female being more dominant and stronger than the male)

@alexlaw That's indeed a rarity, the closest thing I've seen so far in my hentai manga collection is a femdom piece where the artist goes into greater detail than usual to explore what exactly the exciting part of a submissive relationship is. The end feels a bit rushed, but other than that it's one of my favorites. Read at your own peril though as it's shota.

[Yumeiro Gurasan] Dis Communication [English] =TLL+mrwayne=

@alexlaw The "fanfiction" episodes of Adventure Time do this, although it's a shame that it's a non-canon timeline
Episode names:
"Fionna and Cake"
"Bad Little Boy"
"The Prince Who Wanted Everything"

@alexlaw this speaks to my soul so much. Ugh 😩😅😊😊😊

@alexlaw I think the original Sailor Moon does this with Tuxedo Mask quite a bit. Mamoru is "damseled" many times and she saves him over and over.


Cishet dudes who want to deny the existence of Male Gaze as something other than neutral also insist that it's really already about feminine power.... even as they continue to be scared to death of themselves being onstage the way they demand that women be. :/ So that's another reason your scenario is so rare.

This isn't something that becomes more endearing or fun or invisible as the decades go by, either. It irritates me constantly.

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