I know the Spyro series is not meant to have even a semblance of worldbuilding consistency but I find it funny that in the first game all the dragons are coded male, yet there are dragon eggs. Then in the third game, half the eggs you find have fem names. So the implications are either:

* Half of the dragons are male and half are stone butch female

* Everyone is stone butch female and they reproduce via parthenogenesis

* They just recently invented females

* Females all die before adulthood


Also possible:

* They're all hermaphrodites

* They're all genderless and the masculine/feminine names go in and out of fashion

I did not want to be informed about this fact regrading one of my all time favourite game series. This is hilarious, though.


They transition between male and female, a la The Left Hand of Darkness(Or any number of terrestrial species)

@alexlaw I like the fashion idea. You can do some pretty interesting world building starting from there

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