When I see people trot out "the percentage of POC in media is proportional to USA population" they're ignoring the fact that media is not tangible like pie. If you have 10 white characters, 3 black, 2 latino, 1 asian, it means each individual white person has 10 characters who look like them to but each individual POC has only a couple. If you had 5/5/5/etc then each individual now has the same number of people that look like them. White people don't "lose" anything when there's more diversity


Anyway it's a disingenuous point since you could similarly look at how many stories are about royalty or star athletes or space rangers or some other uncommon person. It's not like 99% of stories are about average boring people, why is the notion of "realism" in fiction only brought up when trying to defend bigotry?

@alexlaw I demand that my life be represented by the characters on screen 1:1! One third of the show should be them asleep, one third should be them fucking around, and one third should be spent working. Of course, this is idealized; in reality we will see less than a third of them sleeping, we'll see more than a third at work or in transit, and approximately a third of it will be spent worrying about the other two.

This is the average life and I demand it be represented by every show always.

@Colophonscrawl everyone needs to be shown taking at least two or three bathroom breaks as well

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