Tech bro gender essentialists in Silicon Valley like to defend the gender gap in their industry by claiming men are more "hardwired" for tech work due to lack of human interaction or emotional work, yet almost every problem coming out of that field is related to its negative impacts on people, failure to recognize how their customers interact with their products, etc.

It's especially funny cuz they'll also say women are in biology/ecology/medicine because they're more emotional or people-oriented, but those fields actually do the opposite of tech; it's all about reducing organisms to a system of parts and quantifying those parts in statistical analysis. Also if you do research on animals there's a big chance your job will be spent killing them. A lot.

Like ah yes, here I am at my bioprocessing job, really bonding with my giant vat of rodent ovarian cells, which we genetically modified to pump out drugs as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

@alexlaw giving a warm hug to the vat of rat ovaries and asking how its weekend was

@alexlaw @remotenemesis

I’ve worked in tech my entire life and haven’t knowingly worked with anyone like this. I’m not saying tech bros don’t exist, I’m just saying their actual influence is far less than their mythos in my experience. Maybe I’ve just been lucky where I’ve worked.

Tech is male dominated, yes. But that doesn’t mean they’re all gender deaf assholes.

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