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I'm in Reno now but this city is ugly so there's no photo


I passed by a really beautiful marsh (which is cool since I've never seen one in a desert) but since I was driving i couldn't take a pic. 😒

Late afternoon, the beginnings of a nice rosy sunset 🏜️

Ugh i forgot I have to pass through utah in order to get to colorado

Hmm, might not even have time for Colorado since i gotta get back to SF by the 19th

Why did my job schedule have to land my vacation in November @_@ the days are so short and the roads get icy...

Hmm, looks like I could make it to Colorado after all, but only a tiny portion of it???

Driving down a loooooong straight road with two big mirrors on either side of me. And... mystery fog?

There was a rest stop labeled as a "view point" but not much to see. Here's the sun tho.

Now more than ever, I have a case of "bundled in warm blankets and don't want to get out of bed even tho i gotta piss" but it's 32Β°F/0Β°C and my bed is a sleeping bag with 2 layers of folded blankets in the back of a car.

I'm driving thru this scenic byway in colorado but because of the season everything is d e a d

I'm just driving past hundreds of thousands of bare trunks

The way this snow froze!!! Lol I don't live in snow so I'm amused by simple things like this

Some frozen lakes! Neat

I heard some weird noises from both these areas...

After only a couple hours I was back in Utah surrounded by vast nothingness

I mean what counts as a butte anyway? The signs were on one side of the road facing the distant buttes, but on the other side of the road were the very obvious weird rocks that are only vaguely butte-shaped??

Rocks with holes

Reminded me of the valley of fire, but with much fewer holes, and not fire-colored...

Listen, nothing compares the valley of fire. After I went to that valley 3 years ago, all other desert views have been ruined, including the grand canyon

Throughout this utah route I couldn't help but think, "well I'm sure it looked amazing 2 months ago"

Pics of my rental car over. I like the way the blue contrasts against all the other colors I've been driving thru.

Tomorrow is route 12! Then I make my way back to CA.

I don't know what kind of food rural Utah is known for but tonight it's gonna be curry pizza.

Also just realized this is the first fellow Asian (yet not even the same subcontinent as me) I've seen since exiting California.

On that note, every time I enter a shop in a small town I get weird looks and i cant tell if it's because they see I'm non-white or because I'm just a fresh face.

But definitely white ppl look at me like 😯???while POC are like πŸ˜ƒ

Despite the dead trees/brown grass there is one nice thing about off-season road trip which is the road is totally devoid of other people so I don't feel bad about driving slow and pulling over a lot. When I did a road trip up highway 1 in CA, even tho it was beautiful, I would get so anxious about the impatient drivers behind me, especially the ones that obviously wanted to blast thru but couldn't from lack of passing lanes. Also the view spots would be crowded with other tourists.

This is the place where you find a chest but instead of a special item it's just a few consumables.

Nevada... why is the opposite side at a standstill?!?? I've never seen that on a freeway with a 75mph speed limit

I ended up in Las Vegas but I don't gamble or drink. What do I do here for the evening...?


Something I saw on route 12 but couldn't take a pic since I was driving and no place to pull over. So I tried drawing it from memory. Small sections of the valley that the sun never touched had icicles forming.

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Apparently my rental car battery died! What the heck...

At least it died directly in front of a 24 hour gym that I'm a member of...

Traded it for a minivan 😡 yikes it's so big... I don't like driving big clunkers like this but it will have to do...

I also saw an adorable black cat trotting around in some golden leaves and grass on a country road. it was such a picturesque image of autumn. I couldn't take a pic since i was driving too fast

Ok one more drive thru the california mountain area and then im heading home.
Apparently it's gonna snow on Wednesday, would like to see it but my desire to explore pokemon nature is eclipsing my desire to explore real nature

Anyo, real nature hasn't given me any opportunities to take down an evil mob org and save the world

I'm home!! And I took a bath! πŸ›βœ¨πŸ’¦Ended my trip the same way I started it 😊

Here are some miscellaneous pics

I'm glad I cleaned my room before I left and packed as light as i did. Meant i could come home to a tidy room and just collapse lol

Ok the bath thing makes it sound like i didn't bathe during the trip but actually i took showers at the gym chain I'm a member of. Been using the gyms all over the country as overnight park sites. Much cheaper and more convinient than booking at motels n stuff

One thing that's very novel to me as a city rat is when I'm driving down the freeways in the desert, it's so vast and open, it really gives a unique sense of space and how large the area is. I think photos don't capture that feeling at all. And It's not the same as driving through a forest (tree hallway) or a city (i already have enough of that!).

And being by myself on an endless road with only my thoughts for hours and hours is a very zen experience, though understandably for others they cringe at the thought.

One more pic of stuff I saw on my road trip but couldn't stop to take a photo.

I tried looking up the approximate area i was in, I think it's at the truckee river outside of reno

Couple more road trip drawings from memory, though i do have nice photos of the salt flats

@cantinto I don't need this much space tho!! πŸ˜‚ My minimalist road trip is no more.

@cantinto :O I've been on plenty of minimalist road trips! I'm no prissy glamper! Just need a car with seats that fold down, a sleeping bag, a few extra clothes and a gym membership!

@alexlaw When I sit in a car for a long time, and I'm done singing (screaming) along with the songs from my phone, and I'm done sitting in silence, I'll start talking out loud to myself (or the imaginary rubber duck, whatever) about ideas and thoughts, and solutions to problems, and it can actually be a really good experience. Sometimes trying to explain something to your car, will make you see new sides of it, or realise why your thought process has been flawed.

@alexlaw "WalMart camping", nice. I guess 24HourFitness Camping in this case.

@bamfic It's actually AnytimeFitness, but yeah basically walmart camping with the added benefit of being able to piss, shower and use wifi at 2am lol.

The pictures were beautiful. Glad you had a good time and that you made it home safely.

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