Trying to play this in japanese. I noticed in english they removed the gendered language but in japanese they still ask if you're a boy or girl (although you can change).

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@alexlaw question, did timmy and tommy compliment you on how well you speak japanese? it seems like multiple people who set the language options to JP but indicated they were geographically elsewhere got that dialogue.

@kaible yes, they give you the 「日本語がお上手」line and say they figured you're from japan since your japanese is so good. which also makes me wonder if they compliment other language/location mismatches?

@alexlaw I doubt it, since that seems to be a pretty culturally specific phrase for Japan, but it would definitely be interesting if that was the case!

@kaible i mean, "you're [language] is so good!" surely exists in other languages, but i guess it would only work for languages that mainly exist in one country, so definitely not English.

@alexlaw does style actually do anything in the English release?

@oct2pus there is no separate release, the language in the game is whatever your system language is, and it can be changed through that any time. so no, style is basically just choosing your gender

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