i can't stop laughing or being horrified

you know what, i accept them now

i accept the dickmelons

unforbidden fruit

i can't stop looking at the penis fruit. like it's one thing when you see a tree trunk or a radish that has a vaguely phallic shape but THESE FRUITS are on a completely different level. the adorably chubby globules. the way they delicately hang from the vines. the way the skin of the fruit shines like it came out of an artist's alien fetish drawing. it's amazing

@alexlaw please CW photos of your tree penises

mostly so I can open the content warning "tree penises"

@alexlaw We need to know what sort of melon this is! 😄

@alexlaw "Dicks don't just grow on trees," they said. Who's laughing now?

@alexlaw To be fair, fruits *are* the sex organs of plants.

@vertigo i thought flowers are the sex organs. fruit are more like eggs holding the seed/embryo

@alexlaw Yeah, I was trying to stretch the metaphor for the sake of humor. It didn't quite work out.

O penis tree, O penis tree
Thy balls are so low-hanging

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