transphobes: gender is based on sex. it's not a social construct

also transphobes: you're not a REAL woman if you're ugly



like fr lots of people, especially a lot of incels/redpillers, will literally not register women as real women or even as existing if they don't meet a certain level of attractiveness. you can tell because they say things like "women have it so easy because men give them everything and they can get laid whenever they want," i.e. they're only thinking about (often imaginary) beautiful traditional 20-something women, not women who are old or ugly or gender-nonconforming

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trans fem stuff 

im not trans, but i know a lot follow me. one of my trans girl friends once said something poignant which is if you feel dysphoric for feeling like you're not attractive enough or not feminine enough or like you'd be overcompensating if you tried to be *too* feminine, so on and so forth... you are already experiencing the universal experience of women. there is no way to attain "true womanhood" because it's a moving target

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