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i'm curious if there's any common thread among people who were de-radicalized from right to left

When I look up stories of ex-kkk, ex-nazis and such, usually the stories go "I was raised by my family to hate blacks and jews until I met one and they were nice to me." So basically they were like normal people who escaped a cult. But a lot of alt-righters, especially younger people, were radicalized through the internet and just seem sociopathic

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incels, TERFs, and racist non-black/non-indigenous POC seem to have a psychology that's more like, they are being screwed by society and they recognize that, but instead of targeting the oppressive systems causing it, they engage in lateral violence towards other marginalized groups.

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I know my art has changed a lot of people's minds about gender and stuff, but it's usually directed at an audience who already is left-leaning or centrist. like I make an assumption that the person looking at the pic has some level of empathy for the other, and themselves.

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@alexlaw There are two ways I have changed my opinions on things:

1) Experiencing in a visceral way the humanity of people who were previously demonized or looked down upon, and

2) Experiencing in a visceral way the inhumanity of people (and institutions) that were previously considered benign or even benevolent.

I could give examples if you like, but I think we can all come up with our own, especially nowadays.

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@alexlaw I was literally raised in a cult, and this is exactly how it was for me. I went to school with a lesbian, and after being friends with her for a while, the cognitive dissonance grew too strong. "I've been told that gays are evil, but Becca is super good and nice! What if the things I grew up hearing about gays are wrong? And if THAT'S wrong... then what else might be?"

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