my extreme cynicism about white people 

all these brands are going to change their racist packaging but who wants a bet they'll get a white person to do the redesign and it will somehow end up just as racist or tone deaf as before for some inextricable reason

don't ask me how, you just KNOW at least one brand will be like this. they're gonna be like "we've replaced aunt jemima... with this cartoon baby monkey! ha ha, isn't he cute? He's bananas for pancakes!"

my extreme cynicism about white people 

@alexlaw I really don't understand the label changes. You solve nothing. I also fail to see how most of this is racists.


my extreme cynicism about white people 

@jordan31 they're racist because most of the characters are based on mammies and other minstrel show caricatures. and yeah ideally these companies would be announcing changes other than just rebranding, though rebranding is probably the fastest, easiest and most visible thing they can do. Also it's something that really should have been done like 60 years ago

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