i started watching golden kamuy and it's ok but there's an odd juxtaposition between the war violence and "and now here's your educational lesson about ainu culture."

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and it kinda reminded me of My Brother's Husband where you could tell it was meant for straight people to have their schoolhouse rock session, not necessarily something for gay people

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@alexlaw I love reading the manga! Unsure abt the anime exactly b/c pacing+tone seems like it would be so much harder to manage. Dances back & forth btwn gentle, almost Bride's Story history, serious mystery/period drama, grand guignol horror & violence & (sometimes amazing) slapstick comedy.

I believe at least some of the dissonance is intentional, b/c how different cultures relate to/manage violence is a big theme, but anime gives so much less control over those vibe shifts.

@alexlaw I think the creator stated somewhere that the reason he doesn't go anywhere near as in-depth about the historical aspects of the russo-japanese war compared to how much it goes into ainu culture is because People Already Know About That

@kaible I would have gone in the other direction and had the Ainu cultural things be mixed in more naturally, is what I mean. Because there's an awkward tone difference between the fight scenes vs Asirpa explaining/narrating information

@alexlaw I think you’re 100% right on that for the record

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