Boss: for team building, let's share 3 little known facts about ourselves

Me: *desperately trying to think of something, anything that won't get me fired*

@alexlaw this is extra Hilarious knowing your art work.

@alexlaw In a similar situation once I had to admit to dangerous driving at night every once in a while. :) It did surprise the colleagues, because I have this image of a weird weakling among co-workers.

@alexlaw @cryptovexillologist
I always have to resist making this into two-truths-and-a-lie:
- I have pulled baling twine out of a goose
- I got the truck stuck in the manure pile
- I use horse laxatives to clean my dishes

@alexlaw Never been asked for 3, but I get asked for one sometimes. Depending on what mood I'm trying to set, the fun fact is one of:

1/ I was homeless for awhile
2/ Gene Roddenberry was my cousin
3/ At least 50,000 people have seen me naked (in person, not photo)

Sometimes the hard part is picking which fact to use...

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