apparently there's some link between acephobia and TERFs. i don't really understand, but I'm pro-ace and pro-trans so i guess that tracks...?

it's just weird bc aro/ace seems like an orientation that everyone would have the least gripes with since it's basically defined by a *lack* of interest in something? maybe I'm just very naive and there's something I'm not seeing here

@alexlaw the ties are in the "gated community" mindset where ace/aro people are depicted as "cishet infiltrators to queer spaces", essentially, ways for straight men to sneak in by claiming to be aro or whatever, which are similar arguments often levied against trans people with a couple words switched


@AzureHusky huh i guess i can see how the mentalities are similar. i guess that also explains their apparent ties with other kinds of queer exclusions. I'm guessing they don't see the inherent problem with assuming aro/aces are cishet by default ¯\(°_o)/¯

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@alexlaw yeah a lot of exclusion based discourses fall apart when you actually look at the people being discussed ha

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