apparently there's some link between acephobia and TERFs. i don't really understand, but I'm pro-ace and pro-trans so i guess that tracks...?

it's just weird bc aro/ace seems like an orientation that everyone would have the least gripes with since it's basically defined by a *lack* of interest in something? maybe I'm just very naive and there's something I'm not seeing here

@alexlaw on :tumblSite:​ acemisia was very much tied to assimilationist LGBT folks, who later as a group turned more towards TERs talking points. LG folks also used the same talking points towards Ace folks as Bi folks ("you just can't decide if you're straight or gay, hun :)"), or just saw them as "straights"...

@katnjiapus hmm, so it's tied to the specific type of LG people who have some desperate need to create a social structure or hierarchy for themselves? and who then have no tolerance for liminal identities. i guess i can see then how transphobia and acephobia are linked.

Exclusionist ideology 

@alexlaw @katnjiapus yes its always been very tied to "we have to protect children from these predators" kind of thing. Ace and trans people are vilified as being straight people who want to not only invade queer spaces and take resources from "real" gay people, but also are predators who want to talk to children about sex and gender


Exclusionist ideology 

@laughwhilecrying @katnjiapus yeah ive seen some recent twitter threads where people were connecting the dots with the overlap of TERFs, pedo accusations, general sex-negative anti-kink stuff. idk if there's intentional psyops at that level or if it's just certain people's proclivity to want to control other people, but it does all seem to circle back to trad shit mentalities one way or another

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