men: can show nipples
women: cannot show nipples
nonbinary: only one tit allowed

at what point during HRT do nipples go from ho-hum acceptable to see, to being sinful body parts that must be shielded from society, or vice versa

extremely heavy sarcasm 

@alexlaw almost like gender/sex isn't a binary 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 really makes you thonk

not that I agree with it but here's an answer 

@alexlaw when the tity enters stage 3-4ish (often not till you go on prog)

@alexlaw there are a few trans girls who started hrt and then posted tit on instagram daily until the banhammer fell, to test this using an impartial and objective panel of professional judges. i don't have any link but im sure you could find it easily. spoiler: it's way after you'd think

@_ disappointed_but_not_surprised.jpg ive also seen trans guys get banned from showing their post-op top surgery

@alexlaw I'm an enby woman. Can I at least show one half of a tit?

@freya the amount of tit shown is a sliding scale based on how female and how gendered you are. once we derive the gender constant we'll be able to calculate exactly what percentage of which nipple is unacceptable to show

@alexlaw nonbinary: one tit is allowed, four tits are allowed, π tits are allowed, thousand tits are allowed, -1 tit is allowed, √2+5i tits are allowed and valid

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