i feel like whoever wrote the adam & eve story was some kind of abusive creep because they literally made a story that conflates ignorance with innocence. and now many people really think that way...

tooting this while all the americans are asleep bc they're the worst about it lol


but seriously, you don't lose your innocence when you gain knowledge, you lose it when you decide to do something bad. it's innocent vs guilty, not stupid vs guilty, lol. categorizing nudity and sex with guilt is also awful. really the combination of these things is how people become vulnerable

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@alexlaw contrasting with the Gilgamesh story, there's an "Adam and Eve" like section, in which the tyrant king sends Shamhat (Who seems to be the author of the story), to, well, have sex with Enkidu, a wild beast who was sent by a goddess to punish the king. The result is it turns the beast into a human, civilises him, but also as a civilised man he frightens the wild animals and cannot return to the wild.

It's not sin, it's not evil, it's not temptation, all she did was teach him language.

@alexlaw in my own mind, i've rebranded "Evil" to mean "Like Eve; an educating civilising force". It changes the framing of a lot of religious statements, and also what I myself am willing to call "Evil"

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