interesting thing i learned recently is apparently the cave paintings which have multiple overlapping figures and obscuring carved lines are actually supposed to be ancient animation, sort of like lenticular prints where a different image is seen based on the angle of light hitting it. you're supposed to view the paintings under a moving lantern to actually see the animated movement.

this was unknown to archaeologists for a long time because they would always look at the paintings with a straight flashlight. so it just looked like a mess of carved lines and overlapping figures or animals with multiple heads and limbs

on the other end of the art spectrum, some cave paintings were found of big booty women and sexual imagery that was painted by teenage boys

there's something to be said of having multiple disciplines and interests, because when i first looked at the 8-limbed bisons and 3-trunk mammoths before knowing about the lantern thing, my train of thought went basically
1. common comic book ways of depicting movement
2. impressionist nude descending a staircase
and the vertical carvings are no different from lenticular and holo prints.

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