these blurred previews for my explicit sex comic are so soft and cute :owi:

Hey everyone, I made a short sexy comic featuring an old witch x prince charming couple for Smut Peddler: Silver! It has a lot of saggy wrinkly boobs flopping around! And a penis!

You can back the Kickstarter here:

Apparently people have complained that this fountain is an eyesore but I just love how much it instantly makes everyone painfully aware of SF's disgusting sewage smells and polluted streets

The green water really gives this san francisco fountain a "dystopian, horribly polluted cement jungle" aesthetic and I'm surprised to see that this was not the intended meaning by the artist

I know the Spyro series is not meant to have even a semblance of worldbuilding consistency but I find it funny that in the first game all the dragons are coded male, yet there are dragon eggs. Then in the third game, half the eggs you find have fem names. So the implications are either:

* Half of the dragons are male and half are stone butch female

* Everyone is stone butch female and they reproduce via parthenogenesis

* They just recently invented females

* Females all die before adulthood

This punky fairy exists in only 2 levels of spyro to hold a sign and then u proceed to never see her again...

i'm starting to notice I'm same-facing the guys in my Faceless Women/Female Gaze pics (the women don't have faces but the backs of their heads also look the same) but then I go to pixiv and see the sheer volume of generic anime tiddy girls with faceless men and stop caring as much

This food diary has hilarious, off-putting images of poop in its entries and I figured I'd share it with you all

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