apparently this was sitting on my hard drive for months and I forgot about it.

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my cat magic would always get bad reactions from people because she's black and had Resting Cat Face. but she was actually the sweetest cat I ever had, would greet strangers and loved perching on people's shoulders.

Text if you can't read it--

At least once a year I experience something like this:
"I ate something bad?"
*cold* *hot* *growwl*
"what is going on"
"i've never felt so much pain"

5 min later:
"Hm, I'm fine now?"

Like it never happened

When you're playing an RPG and the huge dungeon you're exploring conveniently has a rest point in the middle of nowhere

When you're playing an RPG and the mystical cave full of monsters is conveniently well-lit with smooth floors

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