doing a 2 week quarantine before traveling so of course deer in my backyard is the highlight of my day

tbf i just moved here last month after living in a warehouse for 7 years so it feels different

Spot living that fully automated gay space communism life with his own android butler

just learned about these congo peacocks that basically look like fancy turkeys. the female looks like she has a comfy bed of moss growing on her

in this star trek TNG episode, there's a highly addictive augmented reality game that becomes popular on the ship and it looks like this:

the description this indian restaurant has for its yogurt

why is it that i find the newborn versions of most mammals and birds to be absolutely hideous, but the newborn versions of reptiles and fish are adorable

I took a photo specifically designed to make lab workers cringe

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things only lab rats will care about: these 10 x 10 vial boxes have gold plated letters and numbers

I made a great new political compass for everyone to get angry and roll their eyes at

you can draw straight lines between Nakahara's art and Bjorn Andreson to 70s romance designs

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another interesting influencer of shoujo manga is artist junichi nakahara. contrary to popular belief, big-eyed anime style did NOT come from osamu tezuka or disney, it came from this guy, who had been drawing for girls publications when tezuka was still in diapers.

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i get a kick out of every 6 months or so japanese twitter goes crazy over Björn Andrésen going from THE bishounen romance hero to graceful old wizard, and specifically the guy who falls off a cliff in midsommer.

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