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miscellaneous comic (NSFW: nekkid ppl rubbing against each other) Show more

Me: Buttoned pockets are really annoying

Clothing designers: BUT FASHION!!!

Me: don’t care, it’s impractical

Clothing designers:

No. 19

Guess you could call him a.... voluntary femme fatale?

Amalgamation of everything that's been showing up on my timeline due to devilman Show more

Voluntary Feminization No. 16 / The Handsome Lass No. 11. cute but NSFW, BJ Show more

Elf & Orc no. 6: Overcoming obstacles with the power of... a gun! (cw cartoonish violence) Show more

No. 5

I'm just gonna go ahead and be confusing and use a different color palette every time.

Me when I need to get somewhere but there's a bunch of sheep in the way:

I'm having a sale everyone: THE CUTEST XXX-MAS SALE!

The sale is 50% off my artbook, THE CUTEST GANGBANG:

* 25 pages
* Full Color
* Everyone is very happy and cute and nekkid
* Comes as a PDF, a folder of separate PNG images, and a mobile option for phone/tablet users