What shitty movie today will become a cult classic in 20 years

Roommate bought a gold subaru, not realizing it is probably the most lesbionic car she could have bought

Me and my friends giggling over "Dharmic religions Hetalia'd philosophical concepts" and "Dharmic religion was the original Homestuck"

Imagine an alien society where everyone is simultaneously obsessed yet ashamed about their reproductive processes oops that's my society

I probably already committed a crime by calling it soccer, didn't I

I'm not a sports person so can someone explain to me why all the gym leaders/champion in sword and shield are wearing sporty spandex? Is England known for soccer or something?

now that FF7 is getting a remake I can't joke about how these are the only accurate FF7 cosplays

I was having sex the other day and the smart lightbulb in my bedside lamp automatically turned on, and i said "oh, it's just saying hi" and my partner burst out laughing for a good few minutes

@skysailor Yes! So many romances feature petty bickering and it's weird to me!

It's sad because I thought we were on the verge of having a lot more LGBT rep in mainstream movies and TV but instead there's apparently this pressure to keep it subtle or easily edited out to be marketable overseas. So it's not enough for Hollywood to be OK with queer characters, we have the wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

Ok I've done it. I've seen all the marvel movies.

I have to say, there are a lot of forced straight couples that don't really make any sense. Like so many times that are literally just

dude hero: *does heroic thing*
female sidekick: *swoon*

and a lot more deeper and more complicated emotions between same-sex characters where they could have easily made romance there but just didn't.

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Mastodon is an echo chamber but it only echos once because it's kinda small

I watched all the Thor's so far and up to avengers infinity war, but I still don't get the Thor/Lesbian meme. A friend of mine even tried to explain it to me but I still don't get it.

@cryptovexillologist I love One Piece because most of their characters abilities are like that!

also spiderman homecoming: i'm glad they did what they did with liz/mj instead of just doing what the comics and other iterations did. granted, when i think about mj's stalker jokes, I can't help but think it wouldn't come off so great if she were a guy.

ok so I'm doing a "finish one comic page, watch one marvel movie" method to try and get this damn comic done without my procrastination getting out of hand.

Spiderman homecoming: surprisingly better than I thought it would be. not as good as spiderverse, but what can possibly measure against goddamn spiderverse?

Avengers Infinity War: If thanos could bend reality surely he didn't really need to fight the avengers for as long as he did before getting the final stone?

There's already a straight pride parade, twice a day during the morning and evening rush hour. Almost everyone participates in this march of 90% straight people on slow-moving vehices going to the downtown city area, then assuming everyone around them is straight all day, and then doing it all over again in the reverse order.

and i'm not just saying that because I happen to have an itch.io store where I sell all my porn comics, but that's also a plus, just saying


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