Was there another mass migration to Mastodon or something?

@dzcomics Sometimes I use Sketchup for basic structure of things. Like in the first pic, the sketchup model is just a big empty rectangular cube with a few horizontal lines on the wall as a guide.

many years ago I thought "ok, I'll try going out with libertarians. they have different opinions than me about economics but at least they'll be ok on social issues, right?"

yeah, no. After a while it became clear what sort of underlying psychology forms their views--they give no fucks about other people, only care about themselves, and obsess over their quest to amass as much money as possible. and a lot of them are straight up socially conservative, they're just scared of being called racist

me n my roommate laughing at how terrible it is to go on a date with a guy only to find out they're libertarian, and the extremely high likeliness that they will go on a 30-min spheal on how much they like bitcoin.

ok, I don't really feel anything about Spiderman as a character but the new Spiderman game looks really fun. if only it were on other platforms besides PS4...

Is it some kind of joke that HTML/css/javascript/etc tutorial sites often have really ugly designs?

@alexlaw what next? I'll meet someone from Fremont CA who's never eaten Indian food?

I just met a Lyft driver who, 10 minutes before getting in her car, ate a taco for the first time in her WHOLE LIFE. How do you go through life in California never eating a taco?!? She lived in fuckin east Oakland too, you can't throw a rock without it hitting a taco truck!

Real things ive heard as a lefty:

"How can you write and draw with your left hand?! Doesn't it feel weird?!"

"if you're left-handed, that means you're SINISTER, lol. Did you know that?"

"So you must be good at sports, right?"

"you're left-handed!"

Also, your're free to credit me for creating the name and album title for your new punk band, Raccoon Pussyfang Buttsmith: 1st Edition c r e a m.

A friend asked me to sign a copy of THE CUTEST GANGBANG and said I could write anything I wanted so this is what I wrote.

(I don't actually walk with skitty, but it is extremely cute and i love its little nub legs)

I don't trust people who experience schadenfreude, particularly those who seek it out. I can't bring myself to feel it even in contexts where I think retribution is justified.

sometimes i go on the internet and see something so incredibly infuriating and/or stupid i wish i had just never logged on

If you're wondering why I was asking about 3d modeling (...probably not) it's because I wanted to make a very simple face reference to keep characters on-model when I start drawing my comic, particularly when drawing tricky angles. of course the model looks like a terrible haunted mesh from the 90's, but it serves its purpose

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