after getting an electric blanket and using it in my cold warehouse dwelling, the whole "I dont wanna get out of my warm comfy bed" thing has intensified 800%

apparently there's a Fruits Basket remake.

my memory of fruits basket was that it started off good and a tad queer, then for some reason the author decided to put EVERY character in some kind of straight relationship and also they ALL needed tragic backstories and i was like, why???

AAAaagh. i get so frustrated when people correlate gender identity, gender expression and bodies. GUESS WHAT:

"nonbinary" doesn't mean "androgynous"

trans women can cut their hair short and still be women.

trans men can wear makeup and dresses and still be men.

muscular/flat/tall women are not inherently "butch" or "masc" or whatever if they choose to be traditionally feminine. men with pretty faces are not inherently "femme"

stop policing/making assumptions about people's identities

putting blood, sweat and tears into a project that's all cutesy and fun on the outside is... not a great mood.

there are a lot of features about pokemon Let's Go that look great, but it's still a gen 1 remake for n00bs so I'm just going to hope they keep the nice features for gen 8, whenever that is (presumably soon as implied by meltan).

not that i have time for games as long as this coloring gig is happening >.> sigh...

where have you been all my life, electric blankets

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the way the lowercase letter "a" looks in most fonts is very different from how most people handwrite it.

I once had a cat who was incessantly demanding I let her in and out of the backyard for like 10 minutes straight. So I just left the door open and was like "Ok?? Now what? Are you going to go inside or outside?"

Then she sat right inside the doorway, looked at me and meowed.

I think the actual reason cats do the "I want to go outside" / "actually I want to come back in" thing is not because they're finicky but they're amused at how pawing the door will cause you to drop what you're doing and open it.

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i like mint flavored things but why is it considered a "christmas" flavor? like winter comes and suddenly half the candy is mint stuff.

is it just because of candy canes? i aint seeing any fruitcake flavored chocolates

ok i watched the detective pikachu trailer WITH SOUND and... think i'm gonna pass.

plus when it's released i'm sure people will be releasing a billion gifs of all the good, bad, and goodbad parts anyway.

i just don't want to spend so much money on gaming consoles!! I'd also have to get adapters to plug into my monitor and rearrange my furniture to accommodate the setup. Like, I know there are those high-and-mighty PC-only people who brag about their custom built computers and high-end graphics cards but I don't give a CRAP about that, I'm just cheap and lazy. I just want my gaming and comics creation to be on the same platform.

spyro re-release might be the thing that finally pushes me to get a PS4. that and the PS4 spiderman.

Damn, if only they could go on PC...

apparently this was sitting on my hard drive for months and I forgot about it.

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