that ep where the cryogenically frozen americans from the 90s are resuscitated on the ship and need to be gradually explained that money doesn't really matter anymore and the power associated with the accumulation of things is illusory

though in other episodes the desire for power in other forms still plagues humanity

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been rewatching star trek: next gen and man i have such a mighty need for replicators and holodecks to exist

@biomedmax it's more the frustration that comes with the blue rack not being spaced far enough for the centrifuge tubes to fill every hole, even though almost every lab seems to have both those tubes and those racks

going to spam all dog videos with an explanation on why a human in a leather dog mask would be objectively superior in intellect, physicality, and respect of personal boundaries

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horse girls are actually great! there's nothing as pure as the love between a 8 year old girl and her imagination of what caring for a horse might be like

why are dog purists... like that

every internet cat pic or video where the cat is being silly or misbehaving or whatever has some dog purist going "this is why dogs are better!"

like, you don't see horse girls aggressively replying to videos of dogs chewing shoes with "this is why horses are the best!"

i wish cultural nationalists would just have their dick-measuring contests with each other and leave everyone else alone

i guess it makes sense that conspiracy theorists tend to also be religious zealots because they're the ones taking everything in the bible literally. they've already been primed to believe ridiculous shit in spite of any logic or evidence to the contrary

Can someone recommend me some indoor string lights that don't have eye strain-inducing low frequency?

Quaint! It's the year 2250 but this bakery still makes its bread in a traditional factory dating back to 2020.

"We believe in tradition," says the owner.

Dollops of dough travel through a maze of conveyor belts, gradually turning into bread loaves as they are sent into a series of traditional gas-powered 500-capacity ovens and glazers.

"We have a lot of respect for our ancestors who put hard work into monitoring the equipment and QCing each loaf."


i like it when my partners kiss my neck 🥰


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just let the foot fuckers stream their feet, who gives a shit.

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i just learned that apparently Twitch banned bare feet because of foot fetishists and i want to die

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tired: millennials vs gen z

wired: gen alpha vs greatest generation

those babies don't know SHIT

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tired: millennials vs gen z

wired: people born on 9/11 vs people born on 1/6

@Teryl_Pacieco there are already so many gruff heroes, DC is actually ignoring a honey pot by neglecting the potential of the teen girl fanbase

why does DC try to make Aquaman "cool" by making him all gruff and hairy? make him into a sexy merboy, you cowards

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