Some cartoon/game villains are terrible but some are just like "I'm going to shrowd the world in dark energy! Mwahaha!" like they don't actually kill anyone they just want the world to look like a goth dungeon. Anyway vote for Fantasy Villain 2020, please just shrowd the world in dark energy, it can't possibly be any worse than what's really happening

Apparently people have complained that this fountain is an eyesore but I just love how much it instantly makes everyone painfully aware of SF's disgusting sewage smells and polluted streets

The green water really gives this san francisco fountain a "dystopian, horribly polluted cement jungle" aesthetic and I'm surprised to see that this was not the intended meaning by the artist

@Thomas yeah I was thinking it would be very glitz & glam mixed with the glossy website/tech aesthetic that was popular around that time. Like those iMac G3

Now that Gen Z/young millennials are cultivating an image of the 90s that never really happened what is the defining style of the 00s and 2010s?

"Spyro, the farm animals are having an uprising in the robot city!"


In the first Spyro, there is not much moral ambiguity. All your enemies are really just gems that were transformed into gnorcs and you fight different kinds of gnorcs. But in the second game, I am convinced that everyone is a psychopath. Every level has Group A fighting Group B and you just happen to save whichever side talks to you first. Then you have to completely destroy the other side and sometimes you harvest their dead spirits for power-ups so that you can kill even more of them.

Also possible:

* They're all hermaphrodites

* They're all genderless and the masculine/feminine names go in and out of fashion

I know the Spyro series is not meant to have even a semblance of worldbuilding consistency but I find it funny that in the first game all the dragons are coded male, yet there are dragon eggs. Then in the third game, half the eggs you find have fem names. So the implications are either:

* Half of the dragons are male and half are stone butch female

* Everyone is stone butch female and they reproduce via parthenogenesis

* They just recently invented females

* Females all die before adulthood

@natecull it means authoritarianism, corruption and people who seek to exploit others are the actual issue, and a universal problem. in a communist system, all the capitalist tycoons currently wreaking havoc would simply switch to government jobs because that's where the power would lie.

Interestingly the most "modern" stuff ive seen is in Japanese folklore. They have embedded in it the concept of tsukumogami, the idea that objects (especially tools) can acquire spirits. So they have things like lantern spirits and possessed futons. And you can see the extensions of this concept in stuff like the object-based Pokemon (which Americans hate) and horror (eg The Ring involving a haunted VHS tape)

A lot of characters from old religions and folklore have objects like swords & bows, wine, books, instruments, etc, which are all man-made objects they were currently using. So i wonder if there will ever be some new folklore or religions where some mystical being is somehow connected to modern objects like cars and phones?

This punky fairy exists in only 2 levels of spyro to hold a sign and then u proceed to never see her again...

@shoofle yeah sorry that's what i meant. i guess both those defs are actually definitions of "non-queerbait" and i reversed it in my mind

apparently there are two definitions of "queer bait" where some people think it means "the characters are actually gay and not just hinted at being gay" and others think it means "the gay characters are in a relationship instead of it going nowhere." is it a generational difference? To me, I define it as the former b/c that's what we got in the 90's/00's. It's hard enough to find straight romance that doesn't run in circles, that's the whole point of using it as a plot point.

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