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welp, it is too cold to art. time to bury myself in blankets and fall asleep early

must resist urge to binge watch Owari no Seraph... uggh, it's so mediocre and yet... i cannot help shipping... plz send help

It's so cold I can't even draw... my fingers are frozen solid

I wish imgur had a nested folders option

‪I should have taken a picture of the valentines card i made for my blind date because the contrast between what we got each other was funny‬

His gift: flowers & chocolates

My gift: a hand-drawn “happy valentines day” card and inside the card it says “nice butt” and there’s a drawing of a butt

@melgillman you have to go through the portal veeerrry slowly and use lots of lube

Ok, I finally saw shape of water and it was a lot better than I expected

miscellaneous comic (NSFW: nekkid ppl rubbing against each other) Show more

Me: Buttoned pockets are really annoying

Clothing designers: BUT FASHION!!!

Me: don’t care, it’s impractical

Clothing designers:

When I was a teenager I got eyerolls for saying this, but now that I’m a grown-ass adult I feel more emboldened to say—school should really start at 9 or 10, not the wee hours of the morning. Like god damn, adults are so selfish to make kids and teens conform to schedules that are only convenient for parents instead of creating adequate infrastructure to let them have their own schedules.

Hmm, I’ll need to wait at least 4-5 weeks to see black panther in a theater. Big screens are nice but im not into sitting with a huge crowd of ppl. While reminds me i guess now is a good weekend for shape of water

I want to do a 2-panel comic about cat people and dog people but I’m worried i will enrage the internet with my bad take

Apparently I share a name with some politician. I hope he stops politic-ing because he's really messing up my google SEO!

I made the mistake of googling my name...

‪Straights during pride: wow gay pride is so inappropriate, why do gay people have to flaunt their sexuality like that‬

‪Straights during mardi gras: TITS 4 BEADS, SEQUIN BIKINI BABES, it’s tradition!!!‬

I don't know if the last post needed a cw, sorry if it did. All the comics so far are technically SFW despite the high sexual tension.

@Inskora did u find the great fairy fountain at least??