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@kaible yeah and there isn't much purple furniture in the game to work off of

I've been trying to give all my fruits/flowers a section of their own. But I don't know what to do with the purple section!! It's a mess!!

i don't know if I like eating whole insect bodies on their own like that. I feel like they'd work more if incorporated into other food like a burger or something.

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i ate fried crickets for the first time and they tasted almost exactly like what i imagined.

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this is like the 6th time that i've looked at V8 vegetable juice and thought "hmm, vegetable juice... maybe it will taste good?" and then disappointed myself. who tf drinks that stuff

i gave coco a tanuki statue. i guess she doesn't want to see it's enormous ballsack or something because she keeps it facing a wall in the corner of her house

though i think most of my positive thoughts about TWEWY are the Nintendo DS gameplay mechanics & music. an adaptation would have to improve more on the writing/storytelling

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sci fi stories never written but still true:

by the year 2020, America's Funniest Home Videos has sporulated and planted itself inside computers. It is no longer a single tv show, but has gradually, unknowingly spiralled into global, unstoppable incarnation of humor. imagine endless streams of people taking videos of themselves and broadcasting it to world. as the internet broadens its reach into people's daily activities, so too does the ghost of America's Funniest Home Videos

racism in my area is insidious because ppl will put BLM signs all over my building, and then ask black residents if they really live here. 😐

@lastfuture yeah it is, except the background is mostly texture painted the regular way

whew, learned blender, da vinci and opentoonz all in about 1.5 months. hope it was worth it, kinda sacrificed the alternative which is learning more biotech skills. i guess there's technically still time while im unemployed but i kinda want to jumpstart my fantasy comic/animatic project

my extreme cynicism about white people 

@jordan31 they're racist because most of the characters are based on mammies and other minstrel show caricatures. and yeah ideally these companies would be announcing changes other than just rebranding, though rebranding is probably the fastest, easiest and most visible thing they can do. Also it's something that really should have been done like 60 years ago

my extreme cynicism about white people 

all these brands are going to change their racist packaging but who wants a bet they'll get a white person to do the redesign and it will somehow end up just as racist or tone deaf as before for some inextricable reason

don't ask me how, you just KNOW at least one brand will be like this. they're gonna be like "we've replaced aunt jemima... with this cartoon baby monkey! ha ha, isn't he cute? He's bananas for pancakes!"

drawing in 2D imaging software: oh no I've been drawing on the wrong layer this whole time!

drawing in blender grease pencil: oh no i've been drawing on a completely different spacial plane and accidentally made an anamorphic illusion

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