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me, the moment i saw the "cottagecore" aesthetic: wow not touching that with a 10 foot pole. This is gonna be a giant magnet for white supremacists and tradwives

everyone, mere months later: omg what's with all these racists clogging the cottagecore tag on tumblr and tiktok?! 😢

me: :welp:

remember when dan savage and other cis white gays launched an empty project called "It Gets Better" directed at depressed gay teens several years ago and everyone collectively told them to get f'd?

☁️ 🌈 f u c k

just some boys on their disgusting couch

one of my villagers had me deliver a gift to Deirdre, and the gift was a bath towel. Now every other day she runs around the plaza wearing a bath towel...

oh, apparently BNA is a series. why did i think it was a movie?

and very coincidentally, almost suspiciously, on a roll for drawing disgruntled trans boys

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wow i'm on a roll for drawing porn that doesn't have any penises in it. posting tomorrow

when you go through HRT, your cooties are also transitioning

hmm, lost a patron after posting a pic of a gay trans boy.


i just calculated the window within i was most likely conceived based on my birthday and it seems to fall squarely on Valentine's Day

whew firefighters gonna be busy tonight, i've never seen so many fireworks so low to the horizon... and spread evenly throughout the entire city


while learning japanese, increasingly coming across these points where I understand each word by itself but not the entire sentence

every time i see the "who can be a lesbian" discourse i get so stressed out and I'm not even remotely in the wlw sphere

who's the giant asshole who decided to attach a dildo to the wall near the mail room?! It's way too high for any ordinary sized person to use it

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