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oh no, the resurrection of the steven universe fandom is making that villain comic i did make the rounds again

*gets frustrated with drawing*

I'll take a break and go cool off by playing video games

*gets frustrated with game level*


I got the spyro trilogy!!!! Gonna bask in that sweet nostalgia, and then the new-nostalgia combo feeling bc i never got around to playing the third game

steven universe movie spoilers 

Maybe I should have waited for the season to end, I feel like Given is better watched as a binge anime than as a weekly.

ok I caught up with Given, and the pacing starts out really slow but then it gets interesting later. Also it doesn't seem to fall into the usual trappings of BL (non-con, age gaps, etc) but it does have the usual trappings of romance drama

the show plays up the main character as having a great voice but his singing voice sounds a little stilted to me

(right after watching the first cour of Carole & Tuesday, which is also about music but just in-the-background gay)

going to try watching Given, which I know nothing about except that it's gay and about a boy band

labor day politics 

Overheard at workplace, by a scientist on the phone: "All the ducks have been aligned"

Idk if i can play it just for the bees tho. It's not so much a boycot (since notch no longer works on it) so much as i can't play it without thinking about how it came out of him, so it just sours the experience. And im usually pretty lenient about "the creator of X is problematic" stuff, but i gotta draw a line somewhere

I haven't played Minecraft in years out of sheer spite for its creator, but damn if those bees aren't adorable...

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