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I'm on PTO from my job for the next few weeks and the first thing that popped into my head for what to do was to go to the grocery store and try to make "brutalist food" and take photos that will make all the art/architecture people angry, ohhh i am brimming with excitement

The nice thing about drawing porn is i don't have to worry about people stealing my art to sell on T shirts and mugs and stuff

On the internet nobody can tell when you're really a 100 year old skeleton

When can I have a subcutaneous screen projecting those randomized screen saver animations like flying windows or the pipe maze

When can I get an animated gif tattood on my body

(Smitten is my gentle way of saying im horny for them)

I'm just.... so smitten for cute & powerful boys.

Except... I keep trying to draw him but it doesn't come out the way i want 😢 sometimes the simple pics are the hardest

The next miniskirt boy will be refined with a sword

Is No-Nut November like a challenge

I'm going to be drawing a lot of nuts this month...

Hi~ I've come for your execution! :toot: 🥰😘

(Nsfw: Boy in unreasonably short skirt here to kill you)

Gender, internet drama, etc 

Gender, internet drama, etc 

Gender, internet drama, etc 

This chinese animation looks interesting! It's (apparently?) adapted from a webcomic:

The first skirt boy also has a GIANT AXE.

Don't axe me why.

Gonna draw boys in unreasonably short skirts!!! Their skirts! Are! So! Short!

Unreasonably so!!

Omg I can't believe there's only half a month till pokemon sword/shield are released!! I know what I'm doing on my vacation next month

I want Ethiopian wat paired with Indian naan

"Dick Burr" is a rather painful name to have

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