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Playing pokemon in a giant, cold warehouse

pokemon SWSH dynamax / gigantamax 

I actually didn't mean for it to become an all-fairy team. I actually want a goomy but you can't get it until late in the game (and it's super rare) :<

Wish Pokemon Home would get released soon...

I thought it was basic knowledge but apparently many Americans don't know the typical Thanksgiving food they're eating is supposed to be (some mutation of) native American cuisine, mainly stuff native to north and south America--potatoes, corn, tomatoes, turkey, cranberry, pumpkin, etc.

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The concept of xmas trees has always been weird to me. Like decorating trees, okay I get that. Lots of cultures decorate their environment. But chopping down a tree, then bringing the severed tree indoors, and then decorating it and it starts to wither and shed needles all over the place? Very weird.

This vendor site automatically puts quotes around all comments, so all the reviews sound sarcastic


That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon has amazing animation and I can tell they went out of their way to give the turtles more distinctive personalities and silhouettes, but it gets overshadowed by the fact that I can never seem to get into TMNT as a concept or a story.

Sometimes I see really beautiful 3D art, and i think about dabbling in it, yet... it still seems very front-loaded in terms of hours it takes to make a model (even more for rigging). So for animation it makes sense to want to do 3D, but for comics and stills or even little cinemagraphs I'm not sure how economic it would be... If 3D were as quick and accessible as 2D is right now I'd be more willing.


If your quest for environmental conservation or animal welfare involves making a particular species go extinct, perhaps you should reconsider your priorities.

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