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some videos I've seen go over greetings. like because we have many greetings, there are different responses to each one. eg,
"how are you? // good"
"what's up? // not much"

but what's funny is IRL, because people operate on a sort of autopilot, regardless of whether someone asks "what's up" or "how are you" or "hi" you can give any answer or even just repeat their question back to them, and most of the time they won't even notice anything was wrong.

looking at ESL videos and the amount of complexity in the english language that has to be explained, that I don't normally think about as a native speaker, makes me momentarily forget how to talk

if not obvious, it was also supposed to be an insult. It's like calling someone a bimbo

apparently many young people don't know that "twink" wasn't always a gay term, it just referred to any small effeminate person (including women).

me and my partner fell asleep at 9pm like old-ass adults

whenever i see those "100 years of beauty" videos it makes me kinda sad because literally all of them start off with beautiful, interesting, unique designs in clothing and then by around 1960 they all just blend into a modern sameness.

tfw you're the only adult with no kids in a room full of parents and they're all talking about the latest little kid toys and ur just like "ha ha, yes i too love to talk about the little plastic things"

yeah this squarely applies to people who say "it's my CHOICE to do X!" like yeah, but why did you choose it?! Don't put "choice" and up as a shield for an underlying cause (perhaps an unpleasant one) that you're afraid to examine!!!

If you ever feel like your choices are somehow magically not affected by culture and upbringing, it just means you're blind to how deeply those choices actually affect you. Even rebellion towards your culture is a reaction to it. Nobody exists in a vacuum.

why do people go "pspspss" at cats? isn't that similar to a cat's hissing sound? make a friendly sound

the internet contains billions of people all interacting and exchanging ideas, and the more diverse your exposure is, the more you realize that no matter where you are from,

half the world is full of fuckn ignoramuses

had a weird dream about rats last night (they were crawling around my body under my clothes and i was freaking out a little trying to remove them). maybe it's an omen for the lunar new year

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sometimes i think about making steven universe fanart but idk what I'd draw

my car window got smashed while i was out... what bad luck for the new year

tech bros: what if we replaced human workers with ROBOTS? wouldn't that be so ~efficient~?

also tech bros: *replaces a vending machine's job instead with an extremely expensive mechanical arm and a human*

I don't know whos vomit i accidentally stepped in at SF but your vomit is now spreading around the whole city via the bottom of my shoe.

in SF there's a cafe with a "robot barista" but it's really just 3 coffee machines, like the kind you find in an office break room, plus one robot arm that just hands you the drink. and one human attendee who apparently has to stand indefinitely next to the arm...

idk, may as well put the coffee machines in a vending machine system rather than have a robot arm (which MUST glitch out occasionally, because I've used the same robots in my lab) and a very bored dude.

I'm going to take a bath and hope to have an answer when i return

so is "big dick energy" supposed to be interpreted as "big-dick energy" (the energy of a big dick) or "big dick-energy" (lots of dick-oriented energy)?

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