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Voluntary Feminization No. 16 / The Handsome Lass No. 11. cute but NSFW, BJ Show more

oh god, today's google image for Har Gobind Khorana features a mouth pipette. I'm so glad we never use those anymore

It’s raining in the bay area and all the little wormies are coming out to their doom. Sad worm day

gross TMI Show more

gross TMI Show more

Steven Universe spoilers Show more

Elf & Orc no. 6: Overcoming obstacles with the power of... a gun! (cw cartoonish violence) Show more

No. 5

I'm just gonna go ahead and be confusing and use a different color palette every time.

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I know it's "Happy New Year" and not "Years," but I still say it that way in case time has folded in on someone and they're living multiple years at once.
Don't want to be rude!

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I want a cat so badly... 😩 But I'm still not in a good life position to have a pet. Idk, maybe I could have one but it would just make a lot of things harder, mainly my tendency to move to new places every year.

Playing Nier Automata 2nd playthrough. The androids keep questioning why machines are developing complex thoughts/feelings--but why do the androids have complex thoughts/feelings? Also they have the capacity for feelings even though emotions are prohibited? If this isn't answered in subsequent playthroughs, idk... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯