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Found an old video of me jamming with a friend and it sounds surprisingly interesting

Wow I just found out that color printers add coded dots onto every page you print so that it can be traced back to where and when it was printed. Umm.... did anyone else know about this

regex crash course! 

CW request / climate stuff 

also wondering if there are kits for making something similar out of raspberry pi. I've seen a lot of DIY projects, but not the kits

does anybody own from ? I'm thinking about buying one, but would like to hear some feedback

Hello, the reel2bits project needs help

we need reviews for the documentation and installation:
testing of the new frontend: (please propose help in the channel for instructions/link)
website improvements:
and we have a matrix channel:

boost appreciated.

I don't want gender, I want bass pedals.

Just set #Nitter up 😏 Similar to (and inspired by) #Invidious, it's an alternative frontend to Twitter but without ads, tracking, or javascript. It doesn't use the official API so there are no rate limits plus you're never connecting directly to Twitter, and it's *much* more lightweight.

dubstep levels are holding at 24%

(24%) ■■□□□□□□□□

Now I understand why everybody is so excited about . Because it's simple and fun :)

made a new screencast with #ORCΛ ! as i don't wanted mastodon to reencode it to lower quality, you can view it the top of my journal:


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