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Found an old video of me jamming with a friend and it sounds surprisingly interesting

We are looking for musicians using PeerTube to publish their works. Do you know any? Or any PereTube specializing on music? Any channels, collections...?

We are collecting information in this topic created by @lwr82

#peertube #music #musicproduction #musicproducers #musicproduction #mastomusic #fedimusic

Around two thirds of all music sold, downloaded, and streamed worldwide is owned by three corporations: Universal, Sony and Warner.

also i never remember which f button I need to press to enter bios...

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art is work. art is labor.

labor is entitled to compensation.

pay your artists. pay them well. tip them.

if you can't pay your artists, don't commission art.

same logic applies as if you were hiring a contractor. you can't just go oops i don't have the cash when the work is done and it's time to settle the bill.

just because it's art doesn't mean it's less valuable or deserving.

i'm looking for a visual website builder that either runs on a local machine or is self-hostable, that I can provide to several people who have expressed a desire to have a website, so that I don't just install wordpress for them.

Something that produces plain HTML would be ideal.

I'm looking for, essentially, a static site generator with a UI instead of a markdown and templating based experience.

An opinion I don't see discussed much (if at all, lmk if you know someone advocating for this): all software made for government services should be open-source. What's the point of keeping it closed-source, spending our tax money on contractors to keep it maintained?

I'm considering offering minute long, looping chiptunes, in a handful of styles, on commission, at about 40 bucks a pop. I have a bunch of SNES soundfonts, and NES-type plugins, and I'd offer a few different song types and styles. Would you be interested?

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