I was looking for an alternative to SoundCloud and everybody was suggesting @funkwhale, but for me it looks more like an alternative to early days Google Music. But I've found this cool project ⬇️

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It's called reel2bits, it's currently in quite an early stage but it looks promising. Here's a link

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@alexsleepy meow.
the federation is in the early stages, without federation everything should work fine.
I need to restart working on it but I'm the only dev and doesn't have much time for it.

@dashie If you need any help with UI/UX or basic frontend stuff I'll gladly join the project

@alexsleepy I'm not a web designer at all, I'm trying to do the-right-choice when I can but that's not my main area of expertise.
I don't think the frontend is too bad (except the federation part which I prioritize the backend then display of datas), but clearly there is room for improvement.

@dashie there's always a room for improvements, otherwise I'd end up without job :)

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