Hey people. How long does it take for you to finish the track?

@alexsleepy When I produced I would normally have a great demo witin a day or two. Final mix/master took the longest because I would take days off working on the track to "freshen the ears". Usually 1-2 weeks total.

@alexsleepy Needs an "all of the above" option :)

I've been producing a track per week since 2015, so on *average* that's my pace. But I keep that pace largely because if I didn't I'd probably never finish/release anything, and individual tracks I work on anywhere from a day or two to more than a year.

a track per week is a nice pace. I'm trying to break out from over 10 years into several weeks territory :) The faster the pace, the more you learn

@alexsleepy Absolutely - I have a pretty decent music background, but 100% self-taught when it comes to production, so I've learned a lot.

I batch and plan so I publish 1/week, but individual tracks really vary in investment. For the high end, this track took untold hours of fiddling with vocaloid phonemes and pretending to know how to write counterpoint and SATB harmony -

@alexsleepy Whereas this track was a single unplanned improvised take with minimal post-production, created out of frustration after my software lost a prior take of another track I was working on -

Of course in both cases these tracks are preceded by years of study and learning, but I suppose every moment in our life is prepared by everything we've done up til then :)

@alexsleepy that really depends on how intricate/sophisticated I want the track to be: I could be done with a quick and simple track within the day, or a more detailed track within several weeks

Have yet to embark on a major project demanding such perfection to last months or years yet


For Noisevember last year, it was one sometimes two a day. Mostly, though, i try to divide things into pieces I can finish within a week and others that have no time limit, the longest so far taking a year and 8 months since inception.

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