In today's I remembered that I have a guitar and played some sloppy riffs over the sloppy beat


jammed out some techno. this time my (I should give it some simpler name) was joined by volca sample, volca bass and some VSTs in ableton for delay and reverb.

ps: can it count as if I wasn't doing it from the beginning?

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all wired up and it works! the only thing left is to add midi din connector when I'll get optocouplers. and to polish software, of course

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turned out that ADSR takes too much CPU, so I replaced it with simple gate. also found a nice box for it. Still need to wire everything up.

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And now with some midi. Still need to figure out ADSR, as nnow it simply changes frequency that will sound forever

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arduboy is fun. now i hope I have a spare veroboard to solder everything together

Splice is funny. Here are some similar instruments to drums and percussion

I have a lot of questions myself, but I think this message is really important.

cc @OCRbot

Just found a track that I wrote in 2006. I almost forgot that I was trying to make drum'n'bass then

That's how music making laptop looked like in the 1990.
98NOTE and Kawai MSB-98

Stole this one from nightliquid_retro instagram

This LinkedIn notification sounds like some message from the terminal in the Outer Worlds


Stole this one from instagram. Didn't have any caption, so I have no idea where it comes from

This bundle reminded me then when I was a kid, I used to have this compilation CDs with a lot of pirate games on them, big part of which didn't work

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