Can someone tell me how to change my username?

Been really in to ’s Instagram lately.

Hot take: Jennifer Garner is a giant dork. I think the world needs giant dorks. People just unapologetically finding a sliver of joy in the world around them and cultivating more of it where they can.

Be a giant dork.

(Also, looks pretty cool)

@alexstone I’ve considered building a Mastodon instance and app that only posted/showed images, basically mimicking the Instagram setup. But like... with better rules and tools and enforced attribution and stuff.

Okay let’s talk about this. Now that we have this cool decentralized thing, when are we going to make a media only version to take on and their nonsense?

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Man y'all ever think about how incredibly stupid it is that the internet is almost entirely financed by advertising. Like, imagine if busses were only paid for using the revenue from bus ads. And if not enough people looked at the ads for Target or a legal firm specializing in slip-and-falls, then their bus route stopped existing. How stupid would that be. That's basically what we're doing right now, but with online.

@alexstone Sony straight up told me it wasn’t an option, which has to be illegal, right?

Trying to delete my , , , , and accounts has been daunting and infuriating.

Why can’t I just delete my account?? They have my money and have agreed to not give it back. Just let me leave!

Silver lining to having to be out the door by 545am 5 days a week: being up at 7am feels like sleeping in AND maximizing the day

Gave the new Quake Online a go. It’s not bad at all, especially if you can achieve higher frame rates. But the game just makes me want to play Overwatch.

I applaud Bethesda for trying to bring twitch shooters back, though.

Players dropping a “gg” in chat after a match, especially when they/we lose, is a thing that never gets old to me.

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Millennials today, you’d never see any of them dig through the ditches and burn through the witches and slam in the back of my Dragula.

Have a good day at work. Get that money, y’all!

“In a 90s kinda world, I’m glad I got my girls.”

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