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🥁 Zrythm release v0.4.186 - Drum Mode 🥁

Release Notes:
- Update French translations (thanks @sub26nico )
- Fix Windows build
- Remove libsmf from tree and import midilib
- Fix for Debian and other distors where tooltips were not showing and CPU meter was flickering
- Implement Drum Mode in the piano roll (works but WIP)


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updated my website! will post coding tips and helpful snippets
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<bump> Zrythm v0.4.088 release

Release notes (mostly technical):

- Defer deletion of some objects to give them time in case they are still used (fixes some warnings/algorithms)
- Fix all compiler warnings
- Use GAsyncQueue for event processing instead of custom event stack
- Fixed pan calculation unnecessarily being done multiple times per second (pan processing is much faster now)
- Implement sine law pan, square root pan and linear pan algorithms
- Option in preferences to choose the Pan Law and Pan Algorithm
- Clear buffers before sending them to the back end (this will probably prevent artifacts from appearing in some situations)
- Routing changes (such as adding a new plugin) no longer block the audio engine
- Fix crash when creating MIDI notes
- Use zix library from its repo instead of embedded in source code
- Fix/improve the auto-connect logic when routing in the mixer changes (including the logic for handling mono plugins)
- Plugins can now be moved to other slots (or channels) in the mixer (undoable)
- Creating plugins is now undoable

Source repo:
Binaries: (click Download)
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📤 Zrythm v0.4.053 is OUT 📤

Release notes:

- MacOS build fixes
- Fix CPU/DSP meters not refreshing regularly
- Added native window decoration
- New multi-thread processing algorithm thanks to Robin Gareus (DSP is very fast now)
- Show the initial window on top when running
- Implement PortAudio (WIP) and dummy backends
- Show CPU usage on mac
- Can now open plugins that showed a Mandatory port of unkown type error before
- Add option to build bundled plugins x42 and DISTRHO ports
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EFF applauds WhatsApp fixing a group chat bug:

I get it, a lot of people use WhatsApp. But this doesn't deserve applause---WhatsApp deserves condemnation. It is a proprietary, centralized service. There are better ways to go about your communication with others where you don't have to put up with company inaction by completely relinquishing control of your communications to a third party.

I wrote about this and more back in February in response to the GHCQ Ghost proposal:
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🆕 Zrythm release 0.3.006 🆕

Release notes:
- Creating regions/midi notes is now undoable
- Fix multiple regions getting changed in edit mode when creating a region
- Architectural change on how tracks get selected
- Can now change track name and color in the inspector


source tarball:
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Another thing I don't like about Windows 10 is how it's shoving the Microsoft Account into it's user's face. You have to go out of your way to do what you need without making an account. I expect the next version of Windows will not even run without mailing your birth certificate to M$. Big data == big money.

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suddenly got the urge to run a peertube instance
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so there was a problem with pleroma and it didn't federate properly with mastodon. i was told to update and it works now \o/ 🎉

my pleroma instance isn't federating my messages properly

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