heh, mastodon is already becoming a competition between instances

tl;dr: i don't like this website/tool/whatever, honestly.

it might improve, but i don't think i'll stick around here until it does.

~ alfie

however, mastodon is an absolute mammoth.

(... heh)

and like, not to knock the dev: it's an admirable project, and i am glad we're trying to move away from nazi bird website

and to be honest? it still feels like a toy project. it's too much, too fast: the UI is not ready for people, it doesn't scale *at all*, and... well, the install process either requires you to install a 1.5gb~ container or fight through the build process

the UI is... well i mean it exists i guess

it's confusing and somewhat unpleasant to navigate and i lose to-- statuses *a lot*.

i did attempt to spin up my own instance but that requires far more memory than i can afford on a server

okay, having attempted to spend some time on mastodon i can say right now, i'm honestly not very impressed

cis people: you can't make the self-deprecating jokes trans people make.

they're not jokes when they come from you. they're transphobia.

nice to see all these new folk on mastodon :D

Work have switched to digital payslips. We'll see how this turns out.

took an old canon 28-105 f5.6 out today, because i don't remember when i last used it.

reviewing the photos, i realise why i never use this lens... it's soft as all hell, basically nothing's salvageable


thank you

wow, mastodon's starring/unstarring is *buggy*. if i star a toot in , the web interface will not update, even if i then try to star on web

uh, the dell store has apparently stopped giving a valid tls cert

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