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I have forgotten what a joy, and at the same time, what a pain daemontools is to work with

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While I'm clearing out the cruft, I've decided to move from Bind to TinyDNS.

If you're still running Bind and want a lightweight DNS server with a simple config format, maybe take a looksie.

Currently migrating all my personal, handrolled, config management cruft over to Ansible.

Autobots, roll out.

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You can tell a lot about someone just by their cable management

I wonder how many vulnerabilities would have been stopped if only people just had proper unit tests

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I'm committing to Mastodon and no longer signing into Twitter until further notice. This is clearly the better alternative and the one that we should base Twitter-like experiences from now on.

I wish federated servers pooled resources automatically though. Even if I run my own Mastodon server on a very powerful machine, if I'm the only user I'm not going to be helping lift off load from the main instance.

Let's give this a fair shot, join me and make the same commitment!

Good to see lots of old-school cyberpunk BBS sysops thinking about running Mastodon instances.

Looks like the band's getting back together 🤘

Mastodon, I2p, Tor, Bitcoin, Zcash, Ricochet, Ring...

The Secure and Decentralised Internet, the rebirth of the Internet that we always talked about that needed to happen "some day", is slowly coming together right in front of our eyes... it's happening \o/

Thanks to all the dedicated cipherpunks

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reading a bunch of comments about Mastodon on tech news sites about how it "will never succeed" or will go extinct. Problem is, that defines Mastodon's success in the metrics of Silicon Valley VC. The point of Mastodon does not appear to be a growth -> exit -> brand vehicle strategy that Twitter has been struggling with.

I'm having a good time here. Isn't that success enough?

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It's kinda weird to think about a social network where businesses own their own presences, rather than relying on a capricious third party service like Twitter or Facebook. Imagine NBC or The Verge running a Mastodon instance for their reporters to toot from, or Bethesda operating an instance for PR and customer support. No more lost business when Facebook changes their algorithms again because they need more money from boosted posts.

Weird, right?

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it would be really cool if people ran IPFS nodes on their mastodon instances and used IPFS to host images and video


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