Site.js version 14.4.0 released

This release implements new pull and push commands that make use of Small Web conventions to simplify downloading and deploying your site.

- pull command
- push command

- Server auto-restart when a .dynamic folder is created/synced

To update, use: site update

(Daemons will auto-update as usual.)

#SiteJS #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Lovecraft Country script: “1950. Chicago. Cthulhu” — GPT-3 go brrrrrrrrr

Esto lo llevo advirtiendo desde abril. La educación pública no está en condiciones de abrir las aulas con seguridad sin triplicar recursos.

No se va a recuperar la actividad presencial. Podemos darle las vueltas que queráis.

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I’ve never been a fan of tiling window managers. I remember trying Enlightenment many years back and I didn’t like it. I tried the feature included in Pop!_OS 20 and I still don’t like it. Not a fan of the Super+/ new app launcher/switcher. Still, the upgrade from 19 was flawless. One click on a button and done. Congratulations to System76.


Mecagondios, me acabas de joder la tarde...


Los que hace unos días se congratulaban con memes de que se disparara en la frontera griega a refugiados están dolidos porque se hagan chistes con el contagio de Ortega Smith. Como para invadir Gibraltar están los manosblanditas.

#Ubuntu is placing ads in its motd when you ssh in.

The way it fetches this ad is by doing

USER_AGENT="curl/$curl_ver $lsb $platform $cpu $uptime cloud_id/$cloud_id"

curl -A "$USER_AGENT" ...

In other words, Ubuntu is sending Canonical tracking information so it can serve you an ad.

This doesn't exactly run every time you log in (it caches the ad in /var/cache), but still... phoning home for a frickin ad?

At the post office:
- I’d like to send a parcel from Barclona to Milan.
- Sure thing, could you please build a ship and take it to the port? We’ll make it sail to its destination.

This is what happens when you ask IT the best way to deploy a static site of 1 HTML, 1 image and 2 JS files (~250 KB) and they tell you to create a container with Nginx so it can be deployed with Kubernetes in their cloud. What a time to be alive!

I decided to update my laptop Windows partition after about three weeks without doing so. This inlcudes drivers, too. Stats:
Time: 40 minutes
Number of restarts required: 5

A happy ending to the Better Blocker saga

TL; DR: Apple have been in touch and offered us a way to migrate to our new not-for-profit without impacting the experience of existing Better Blocker (@better) customers.

-¿Has leído a Estanli? Léelo, que te vendrá muy bien

Me tendrían que dar un plus para evitar la vergüenza ajena.


"Lo que trasciende de este intento de la reacción es la ofensiva contra la educación pública, el único reducto que garantiza la posibilidad de reducir las influencias nocivas de las ideologías de odio. vía


@_antoniomaestre_ Estoy a mitad de ‘Franquismo S.A.’ y me parece revelador y escalofriante a partes iguales. Aun así, echo de menos un índice onomástico. Y por que no quede por pedir, creo que algún árbol genealógico sería enormemente ilustrativo para mostrar la endogamia del poder. ¿Tal vez para una futura edición? ¡Enhorabuena y gracias!

I just set up a personal blog site with Ghost and Site.js. Works like a charm. My first post is about maintaining a monorepo with Lerna. Coming soon...

We are living in an age where everything from clothing to furniture to technology is cheap and disposable. The assumption is that nothing lasts, so one might as well buy the cheapest thing and throw it away when it inevitably breaks. Nowhere is this more true than the phone market, but it's something we want to change with the Librem 5.

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